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Enderman Slayer is a Slayer Quest that involves killing Endermen and at the end the Voidgloom Seraph. A Tier IV Sven Packmaster must be slain to unlock Enderman Slayer.

Boss Voidgloom Seraph
Main Crafting Resources Null Sphere Null Ovoid


The following Mobs experience towards completing an active Enderman Slayer quest. Some of the listed mobs appear at random only if the player has a higher tier slayer quest. While some mobs are much tougher, they provide much more experience.

The amount of base combat skill experience a mob gives is marked in the brackets.

Location / Tier Mobs Stone Sword.png Combat XP
⏣ The End [Lv42] Enderman Sprite.png Enderman 28
[Lv45] Enderman Sprite.png Enderman 32
[Lv50] Enderman Sprite.png Enderman 36
⏣ Dragon's Nest [Lv55] Enderman Sprite.png Zealot 40
⏣ Void Sepulture [Lv85] Enderman Sprite.png Voidling Fanatic 110
[Lv100] Enderman Sprite.png Voidling Extremist 750
Tier III [Lv1730] Enderman Sprite.png Voidling Devotee 800
Tier IV [Lv2500] Enderman Sprite.png Voidling Radical 2000
[Lv4330] Enderman Sprite.png Voidcrazed Maniac 5000


The following Mini-Boss have a chance to spawn when you kill an Enderman while a Voidgloom Seraph slayer quest of Tier III+ is ongoing. These Mini-Boss provide more Stone Sword.png Combat experience and Enderman experience than naturally spawning endermen, therefore speeding up the process to spawning a Voidgloom Seraph. It is also possible that after killing one of these Minibosses, another one could spawn immediately.

Name ❤ Health Exp Given Upon Death Minimum Tier to Spawn Drops
Voidling Devotee 12M 800 Tier III
Voidling Radical 25M 2000 Tier IV
Voidcrazed Maniac 75M 5000 Tier IV

Leveling Rewards

All listed stat bonuses are permanent. See Voidgloom Seraph for a more detailed breakdown on drops.

LVL Stats / Rewards Recipes Unlocked Boss Drops Unlocked Rank
Drop Boss
Drop Chance
1 +1 ❤ Health Voidwalker Katana Null Sphere I+ Guaranteed(100%) Noob
Twilight Arrow Poison II+ Occasional(20%)
◆ Endersnake Rune I III+ Rare(5%)
Summoning Eye II+ Extraordinary(1%)
2 +1 ✎ Intelligence Null OvoidSoulflow PileLesser Soulflow EngineSoulflow Enchanted Book III+ Rare(5%) Novice
3 +2 ❤ Health Juju ShortbowSoul EsowardVoidedge Katana Transmission Tuner III+ Rare(5%) Skilled
4 +2 ✎ Intelligence Final Destination HelmetFinal Destination ChestplateFinal Destination LeggingsFinal Destination BootsVoidling Minion ITravel Scroll to the Void Sepulture Null Atom III+ Rare(5%) Destroyer
Hazmat Enderman III+ Extraordinary(1%)
Pocket Espresso Machine IV+ Pray RNGesus(<1%)
5 +3 ❤ Health Soulflow BatterySoulflow EngineVorpal KatanaGloomlock Grimoire Enchanted Book IV+ Extraordinary(1%) Bulldozer
◆ End Rune I IV+ Extraordinary(1%)
Handy Blood Chalice IV+ Pray RNGesus(<1%)
6 +3 ✎ Intelligence Gyrokinetic WandAspect of the VoidAtomsplit KatanaSinseeker Scythe Sinful Dice IV+ Extraordinary(1%) Savage
Exceedingly Rare Ender Artifact Upgrader IV+ Pray RNGesus(<1%)
7 +4 ❤ Health Soulflow SupercellEtherwarp ConduitEnder RelicTerminator Void Conqueror Enderman Skin IV+ Pray RNGesus(<1%) Voidwracker
Etherwarp Merger IV+ Extraordinary(1%)
Judgement Core IV+ Pray RNGesus(<1%)
◆ Enchant Rune I IV+ Pray RNGesus(<1%)
Enchanted Book IV+ RNGesus Incarnate(≪1%)
8 +4 ✎ Intelligence
Perk: +15% chance to find RNGesus enchants in Superpairs
Bartender Sprite.png Bartender: End Portal Fumes End Portal Fumes Tall Purple Hater
9 +5 ❤ Health
Perk: +15% chance to find rare creatures and NPCs(Special Zealots, Vanquishers, Inquisitor, Elusive)
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SkyBlock Prototype
May 31, 20210.11.5Added Enderman Slayer.