Essences are collectables that are used to upgrade Dungeons items.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

As of 0.8, different kinds of essences can be obtained in the following ways:

Wither Essence Wither Essence.png

  • Completing the objectives of the Dungeon Hub Race
  • Found in secrets in Dungeon Rooms.
  • Obtained at the reward chest once the dungeon is cleared
  • Obtained by salvaging items that require wither essence to upgrade (Note: This is not recommended with the exception of the Fel Sword, Conjuring and Silent Death)

Spider Essence Spider Essence.png

Undead Essence Zombie's Heart.png

  • Killing Crypt Undeads (Entrance and Floor 1 only) and Princes (any floor)
  • Obtained at the reward chest once the dungeon is cleared
  • Obtained by salvaging certain items dropped by undead enemies. Those items include: Skeleton Grunt Armor, Skeleton Soldier Armor, Skeleton Master Armor, Skeletor Armor, Zombie Grunt Armor, Zombie Soldier Armor, Zombie Lord Armor, Dreadlord Sword, Machine Gun Bow

Salvaging a rare rarity gear of one of those above items will give 5 undead essences. While an epic and some legendaries will give 15 undead essence and the other legendaries give 25 undead essences. You need to click twice to salvage a piece of starred/legendary dungeon item.

Dragon Essence Dragon Essence.png

Gold Essence Gold Essence.png

Diamond Essence Diamond Essence.png

Ice Essence Ice Essence.png

It should be noted that dungeon essence does not go into the inventory once obtained and is instead stored directly in Malik.

Essence is also obtained in reward chests after completing the dungeons. The amount of essence gained is different each floor.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Essence is used mainly for Essence Crafting, where it can be used to convert regular items into Dungeon items that have stat boosts based on the player's Dungeoneering Skill level while the player is in Dungeons. It can also be used to upgrade Dungeon items themselves, giving an additional 10% stat boost per upgrade while in Dungeons.

Essence Types[edit | edit source]

There are 7 main types of essences, each upgrading items related to a specific type of mob or resource. They are:

  • Undead Essence
  • Dragon Essence
  • Gold Essence
  • Diamond Essence
  • Wither Essence
  • Spider Essence
  • Ice Essence

Essence Shop[edit | edit source]

The Essence Shop allows players to exchange Essence for exclusive Dungeon perks and items. Undead Essence can be used to grant buffs inside dungeons while wither essence can be used to grant buffs to the player's base stats.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • By using Malik and going to the Essence Crafting menu, players can access the Essence Guide which displays the uses for all essence types.
  • Each different Essence is used to convert specific items to dungeon items. For example, Perfect Armor can be upgraded to Dungeons Armor with Diamond Essence. Dragon Essence upgrades Dragon Armor, etc. This does not work on armor sets not listed in the Essence Guide such as Crystal Armor, Fairy Armor, and Angler Armor.
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