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The Experimentation Table is a piece of non-cosmetic Furniture that can be used daily where the player gets to play short games in exchange for Enchantment Table.png Enchanting XP, level 3-7 Enchanted Book Enchanted Books, and Experience Bottle Experience Bottles. These games reset every day at 12:00 AM GMT or 7:00 PM EST/8:00 PM EDT. The recipe is unlocked when the player reaches Enchantment Table.png Enchanting X.



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Experimentation Table


The Experimentation Table can be placed on a private island. A maximum of 1 table can be placed at a time.

Right clicking the table brings up a GUI where the player can do Experiments. Experiments are minigames that grant Enchanting XP and Enchanting-related rewards.

Players can freely play one time per day and can purchase additional games for set prices:

Reset Cost
  • 100 Exp Levels
  • 150 Bits
  • 200 Exp Levels
  • 300 Bits
  • 400 Exp Levels
  • 500 Bits

The table features two Add-On Experiments and the Main Experiment. The Main Experiment can be done once the player completes both Add-On Experiments.

Add-On Experiments[]


Chronomatron Completion Rewards image

Chronomatron Completion Rewards

A visual and auditory memory game in which the player must memorize a sequence of color-coded "notes" and recite them. When the player successfully recites the sequence, the same sequence is played with an additional note added onto the end. The game ends when the player misses a note or completes 49 note chains, although the player is rewarded for completing at most 15 note chains. There are various tiers of this experiment:

Type Colors on board Rewards Enchanting Level Required Longest Chain
XP per note in longest chain (capped at) Superpairs clicks
High 3 1500 (22,500 at 15th round)
  • Chain of 5: +1
  • Chain of 9: +2
  • Chain of 12: +3
20 49
Grand 5 2500 (37,500 at 15th round) 25
Supreme 7 3500 (52,500 at 15th round) 30
Transcendent 8 4500 (67,500 at 15th round) 35
Metaphysical 10 6000 (90,000 at 15th round) 40


A visual memory game in which the player must memorize numeric sequences which appear for a brief amount of time and then recite the sequences by clicking on the squares where they were. Each time the player successfully completes a sequence, a new, more difficult sequence with one additional number is displayed. The game ends when the player misses a number or finishes the round with all slots filled, though the maximum reward is always reached after completing the 20 slot sequence. This requires Enchantment Table.png Enchanting XXV.

Type Grid size Rewards Enchanting Level Required
XP per number in highest series (capped at) Superpairs clicks
Supreme 7x3 3500 (70,000 at 20th round)
  • Series of 5: +1
  • Series of 7: +2
  • Series of 9: +3
Transcendent 7x4 5000 (100,000 at 20th round) 30
Metaphysical 9x4 7000 (140,000 at 20th round) 40

Main Experiment[]


A memory matching game, where the player reveals two pieces of the board at a time and the goal is to match a pair. Each piece is labeled with a different reward, and if the player matches two pieces, they get the reward. Rewards include Enchantment Table.png Enchanting XP, Enchanted Book Enchanted Books, (some up to level VII), and Experience Bottle Experience Bottles. There is a set amount of time and a set amount of clicks, so players should be time-conscious and reserved with their limited clicks!

Note: The Possible pairs XP bottles does not represent how many pairs of that specific bottle that the player can get in one experiment but rather how many are given from one pair.

There are 'Power Ups' a player can get while doing Superpairs. These three are "+1 Click, +(Amount of Xp)," +3 Clicks, Instant Find, and "+1 Click, Powerup for next click!"

Type Grid size Completion


Possible pairs Clicks Enchanting Level Required Starting cost
(in XP Levels)
XP XP bottles Enchanted Books
Beginner 7x2 75k 3.5k-20k Experience Bottle 10-30x Normal IV-V 10 10 25
High 5x4 200k 10k-60k Grand Experience Bottle 5-20x Grand

Titanic Experience Bottle 1x Titanic

IV-V-VI 12 20 50
Grand 5x4 300k 15k-90k Grand Experience Bottle 5-20x Grand

Titanic Experience Bottle 1x Titanic

V-VI 12 25 75
Supreme 7x4 400k 60k-130k Grand Experience Bottle 5-20x Grand

Titanic Experience Bottle 1-2x Titanic


Tiny chance to find VII

14 30 100
Transcendent 7x4 500k 80k-155k Grand Experience Bottle 5-20x Grand

Titanic Experience Bottle 1-2x Titanic


Very rare chance to find VII

16 40 200
Metaphysical 7x4 600k 100k-200k Grand Experience Bottle 5-20x Grand

Titanic Experience Bottle 1-4x Titanic


Rare chance to find VII


Addon clicks doubled

50 350


  • If the player reaches at least 12 chain of notes on Chronomatron or 9 numbers on Ultrasequencer that is not the Metaphysical type experiment, the player can get an extra click, even though it is not mentioned in the description of the experiment.
  • The maximum reward is given after passing 15 chain of notes on Chronomatron or 20 numbers on Ultrasequencer.
    • This means that even if the player passes more than 15 notes on the Chronomatron, they will receive only a maximum of 90,000 XP at most (on Metaphysical difficulty) and similar with 140,000 XP for the Ultrasequencer.
  • It is possible to use an Insta find powerup on another Insta Find during Superpairs, in which case neither Insta Finds will have an effect.
  • Bits spent on renewing experiments do not give the player Fame.
  • If the server the player is on reboots while the player is playing Chronomatron or Ultrasequencer, they will lose their progress. Players can restart, but the addons will be treated as if the player had never started it. Players are advised to wait for a bit If the servers are rebooting for an update.
  • There are several mods that make Chronomatron and Ultrasequencer easier such as Danker's Skyblock Mod, Skyblock Extras (paid mod), the ExperimentationTable module in Chattriggers, and NEU. Note that enabling more than one of these modules at once may cause issues such as double-clicking which would fail the addons.
  • The Ultrasequencer will always have each number follow a specific set of colors, allowing it to be solved more easily without the need of mods. The pattern of colors goes from white, light blue, blue, purple, magenta, pink, red, orange, yellow, lime green, green, and cyan. Once the player finishes 12 rounds, the color pattern will repeat for the next 12 and so on until the entire board is solved.
  • It is possible to get more than one pair of Grand Experience Bottles while playing Superpairs, with no visual indication of which items belong to which pair. This is a frustrating occurrence as each item has a specific other item that it pairs with, something that is hard to figure out when there are multiple pairs of the same item in that instance of the Superpairs minigame. This forces a player to spend extra clicks investigating each pair or else avoid trying to collect the bottles entirely unless they get lucky or use Instant Find Powerups to reveal pairs. This is also possible with Titanic Experience Bottles.


SkyBlock Prototype
Dec 4, 20200.10Experimentation Table.png Added Experimentation Table.