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Golden Hoe.png Farming is one of the Skills available for players to level up as they perform certain actions that give them Farming XP.

Roman Numerals are used to express its levels in-game.

Although Farming goes from levels 1 - 60 (I - LX) by default, there is 50 XP required to reach the first level, meaning there is a "level 0", just like all other Skills.

The Farming Level Cap can be increased through Jacob's Farming Contests, to a maximum of Level 60 (LX). In order to reach this cap, players must place in the GOLD bracket of a unique crop type, then purchase the upgrade from Anita in the Farmhouse. This can be done 10 times, increasing the cap one level for each unique crop type mastered.

Leveling XP[]

Farming XP Yields

Item XP Yield per block/mob Minion XP per item collected Area
Wheat +4 +0.3 Farm, Farming Island
Potato +4 +0.1 Farm, The Barn
Carrot +4 +0.1 Farm, The Barn, Mountain
Melon +4 +0.1 The Barn
Pumpkin +4.5 +0.3 The Barn
Pigs (Raw Pork) +2.0 +0.2 The Barn
Leather, Beef +1.0 +0.2, +0.1 The Barn
Chickens (Raw chicken, Feather*, and Egg) +2.0 +0.1, +0.2, +0.2 The Barn
Rabbits (Rabbit hide, Raw Rabbit and Rabbit's foot) +2.0 +0.25, +0.1, +0.2 Mushroom Desert
Sheep (Raw Mutton, Wool) +2.0 +0.1, +0.1 Mushroom Desert
Sugar Cane +2.0 +0.1 Mushroom Desert
Cactus +2.0 +0.2 Mushroom Desert
Brown Mushrooms, Red Mushroom +6.0, +6.0 +0.3, +0.3 Mushroom Desert
Cocoa Beans +4.0 +0.2 Mushroom Desert, Jungle Island

Note: As opposed to Combat XP, Farming XP is received per broken block rather than killing the mobs.

Nether Wart grants Alchemy XP instead of Farming XP. A Nether Wart farm would probably not be viable when starting out, for you will not have double drops or even triple drops.

*Griffin Feathers also grant Farming experience; however, this is a bug due to the game considering Griffin Feathers as normal feathers.

Increasing Level Cap[]

Increasing the player's Farming Level Cap requires mastery in a unique crop type. Mastery comes in the form of Jacob's Farming Contests, a contest that requires players to farm as many crops as possible in a 20-minute time frame. Scoring in the top 5% of contestants in the Farming Contest will reward the player with a GOLD Medal, and allows players to purchase +1 Farming Level Cap for each unique crop type.

The cost of increasing the player's Farming Level Cap increases for each level.

Level Cap Cost in GOLD Medals Cost in Jacob's Tickets
without Contribution Bonus with 5% Contribution Bonus with 10% Contribution Bonus
51 1 GOLD 0 0 0
52 1 GOLD 50 47 45
53 1 GOLD 50 47 45
54 1 GOLD 100 95 90
55 1 GOLD 100 95 90
56 2 GOLD 150 142 135
57 2 GOLD 150 142 135
58 2 GOLD 200 190 180
59 2 GOLD 250 237 225
60 3 GOLD 500 475 450


Farmhand is an ability exclusively unlocked by leveling up the Farming Skill. Each level of Farmhand grants an additional 4 Farming Fortune Stat Icon.pngFarming Fortune.

Each level of Farming grants one level of Farmhand. For example, if you were on Farming level 15, you would be on Farmhand level 15.

Farming XP Boosts[]

You can boost your farming XP either permanently or temporarily by:

  • Rare+ Rabbit Pet. Rare is the cheapest to craft, but grants 5% less farming XP than Epic and Legendary variants, and has a chance of being common or uncommon instead. Crafting with a Super Enchanted Egg is recommended for these reasons.
  • Special Hoes or Axes can also give extra XP, as well as the "blessed" reforge. A maxed mathematical hoe can give +18% farming XP boost when reforged with a Blessed Fruit and a Recombobulator 3000, whereas a Pumpkin Dicer can only give +10% with the reforges.
  • The Derpy mayor perk, which will give +50% farming XP. However, this appears very rarely.
  • The Cultivating enchantment also gives 10% farming XP at lvl 10.

With these boosts combined (NOT including the Derpy mayoral perk), you could normally get up to 9.2 farming XP from pumpkins (10.1 with cultivating). Or you could get 4.4 farming XP from sugarcane (4.8 with cultivating), which is effectively 8.8 (9.7 with cultivating) because you can break 2 at the same time.

Leveling Rewards[]

Unlike most other Skills, Farming has a maximum level of 60.

Level Additional Farming Fortune Stat Icon.pngFarming Fortune Health Stat Icon.pngHealth
1-14 +4 Farming Fortune Stat Icon.pngFarming Fortune +2
15-19 +3
20-25 +4
26-60 +5

The cumulative rewards at Farming level 25 are:

The cumulative rewards at Farming level 50 are:

The cumulative rewards at Farming level 60 are:

There are also special leveling rewards.

Level Special Reward
1 Access to The Barn
5 Access to Mushroom Desert

Double-drop Chance[]

One of the rewards in the Farming skill is the chance to receive double, then triple the drop chance from crop harvests. While this is true, each level increases a Farming Fortune Stat Icon.pngFarming Fortune by +4. Double drops above 100 will become triple drops, and will stack additively. This is similar to the way the Ferocity Stat Icon.pngFerocity stat works. Any additional double-drops stats will stack additively with the buff from Farming levels. This includes items such as the Elephant Pet, reforge stones from the Smithmonger, and "Turbo-Crop" Enchanted Books such as Turbo-Cane.


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