The Farming Talisman is a Common Accessory that grants the player +10 Speed icon.pngSpeed when on public farming islands, including the Barn, and the Mushroom Desert. This is useful for newer players, as there are many people trying to get crops, or animals as soon as they spawn. Its easy to obtain, as it doesn't cost much resource-wise.

This is also one of the easiest talismans to get when you start off, as it only requires 5 Hay Bales, and 4 Seeds. It has the same ability as the Farm Suit, or the upgraded version of it, the Farm Armor, and is significantly less expensive than the both of them.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Hay BaleSeedsHay Bale
SeedsHay BaleSeeds
Hay BaleSeedsHay Bale

Farming Talisman

Time to obtain using a minion[edit | edit source]

Days to acquire Wheat.png 45x Wheat using a Wheat Minion (by tier, no fuel)
If the player has multiple minions, divide the number of days by how many minions will be used.
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