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⫽ Ferocity is a damage stat that increases the chance of attacks hitting multiple times.

The maximum number of hits per second with ⫽ Ferocity and ⚔ Bonus Attack Speed can be calculated using this calculator:

 calcpage  = Calculator:Hit Count
 template  = Template:Calculator/Hit Count
 form      = hitCountCalcForm
 result    = inner
 param     = basehitcount|Base Hit Amount|1|int
 param     = ferocity|Ferocity|0|int
 param     = attackspeed|Attack Speed|0|int
Loading Calculator...

If the calculator fails to load up, please report to a Code Editor.


Each point of ⫽ Ferocity grants a +1% chance for an attack to strike an extra time. For example, with 50⫽ Ferocity it grants the player a 50% chance for their attack to hit twice. ⫽ Ferocity above multiples of 100 also allow for extra triggers, meaning ⫽ Ferocity above 100 allows your attack to strike three times, and so on. For example, 250⫽ Ferocity would grant a 100% chance to strike three times, and a 50% chance to strike a fourth time.

⫽ Ferocity works on melee and arrows, but not magic.

⫽ Ferocity is always visible in player's stats tab.

⫽ Ferocity does not activate Life Steal or Syphon.

When using melee weapons, ⫽ Ferocity fails to activate when the player is more than 6 blocks away from the target.[1][2][3]

Increasing Ferocity

Source Amount
Tiger Pet up to +30% and +25
Bal Pet +10
Shredder +50
Lion Pet, Ghoul Pet, Hound Pet, Megalodon Pet, Pigman Pet up to +5
Ocelot Pet up to +10
Dirty Reforge up to +15
Vicious Enchantment up to +5
Werewolf Armor up to +40 [full set]
Latest Update Century Cake +2
Necron's Blade, Hyperion, Scylla, Astraea +30
Valkyrie +60'
Jerry Candy +2
Ferocity Enrichment +0.3 per accessory
Zombie Brain Mixin +10
Voidedge Katana (against enderman only) +200
Final Destination Armor (against enderman only) +200
Vorpal Katana (against enderman only) +300
Atomsplit Katana (against enderman only) +400
Handy Blood Chalice +20

Note: The Tiger Pet gives up to +30% multiplicative and +25 additive.


  • Killing an Enderman with a ⫽ Ferocity strike causes its death sound to not play.


SkyBlock Prototype
Oct 20, 20200.9.8Added ⫽ Ferocity.
July 11, 2022⫽ Ferocity was capped at 500.