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Fetchur is an NPC located in the Dwarven Mines at Compass.png84, 224, -118, who asks players to find specific items every day as a part of the Fetchur Quest. This quest will change each real-life day.

Current Request

Wednesday's Request (refresh)
1x Oak Door.png Any Wooden Door or Iron Door


Upon giving Fetchur the correct amount of requested items, the player will receive 1,000 Mithril Powder and 20,000 coins.

Every player has the same request, which will reset every day regardless of whether Fetchur received the item or not. Quests can only be completed once a day and will reset at midnight Hypixel Server Time (EST).

Daily Requests

The requested item cycles through a list of 12 different possible items, with each real-life month restarting the list with Yellow Stained Glass.

Fetchur's Hint Item Required Quantity Obtaining
Yellow and see-through Yellow Stained Glass 20 Purchased from Wool Weaver in hub or crafted:
Circular and sometimes moves Compass 1
Iron Ingot
Iron IngotRedstoneIron Ingot
Iron Ingot

Expensive minerals Mithril 20 Purchased from the Bazaar or by mining Mithril Ore
Useful during celebrations Firework Rocket 1

Firework Rocket
Hot and gives energy Cheap Coffee or Decent Coffee 1 Purchased from the Bartender for 1,000 coins or 5,000 coins
Tall and can be opened Iron Door or any Wood Door 1
Oak Wood PlankOak Wood Plank
Oak Wood PlankOak Wood Plank
Oak Wood PlankOak Wood Plank

Oak Door
Brown and fluffy Rabbit's Foot 3 Purchased from the Bazaar or dropped from Rabbits
Explosive, more than usual Superboom TNT 1 Purchased from Ophelia for 3,000 coins, Walter for 2,500 coins, or found as a drop in Dungeons
Wearable and grows Pumpkin 1 Purchased from the Bazaar or the Farm Merchant or harvested at the Barn
Shiny and makes sparks Flint and Steel 1
Iron Ingot

Flint and Steel
Red and white and you can mine it Nether Quartz Ore 50 Mined in the Blazing Fortress with a Silk Touch Pickaxe
Red and Soft Red Wool 50 Purchased from the Wool Weaver, Crafted or gained using Rainbow Enchantment


15th–19th January 2021, 23rd January 2021 - 14th July 2021, after 21st August

When clicked for the first time since entering the Dwarven Mines:

  • hi i need your help maybe
  • im looking for some stuff, dont remember the name tbh
  • its/theyre [Fetchur's hint]
  • i need [quantity] pls

When his menu is closed without receiving an item:

  • you didnt find my things yet?
  • its/theyre [Fetchur's hint]
  • i need [quantity] pls

When given the incorrect item:

  • i didnt ask for this bro
  • why you giving me something completely different
  • people these days lol...
  • its/theyre [Fetchur's hint]
  • i need [quantity] pls

When given the correct item but the incorrect amount:

  • um yea youre close
  • but wrong amount??
  • its/theyre [Fetchur's hint]
  • i need [quantity] pls

When given the correct item and amount:

  • thanks thats probably what i needed
  • take some gifts!

When clicked after completing the quest for the day:

  • come back another time, maybe tmrw

While Disabled (January 20th 2021 - January 22nd 2021, July 14th 2021 - August 21, 2021)

January 20, 2021 - January 21, 2021, July 14, 2021 - August 21, 2021

  • This NPC is temporarily disabled, sorry!

January 22, 2021

  • i have been turned off for now, go away.


  • The first time giving Fetchur his desired item will reward the player with the "Helpful Hand" Achievement.
  • Fetchur's name references fetch quests, which are tasks that ask players to collect an item and return it to the NPC that requested it.
  • Fetchur is unique in that they speak in shortened internet slang rather than proper English.
  • The 1,000 Mithril Powder reward is affected by the 2x Powder event, so it's recommended to wait for the event to give Fetchur the item.
    • Even if the powder is given during an event, the chat will still state that 1,000 Mithril Powder was earned.


SkyBlock Prototype
Jan 15, 20210.11Added Fetchur.
Jan 20, 2021Temporarily disabled Fetchur.
Jan 23, 2021Re-enabled Fetchur.
July 14, 20210.12Fetchur is now disabled again.
Aug 21, 2021Re-enabled Fetchur.
Items are now submitted by right-clicking on Fetchur instead of through a GUI.
Ender Pearls got removed from Fetchur's item cycle.
Each real-life month now restarts the item cycle with Yellow Stained Glass instead of Red Wool.