Fishing is one of the 11 Skills available for players to level up by performing certain actions that give them Fishing XP.

Roman Numerals are used to express its levels in-game.

Although Fishing goes from levels 1-50, 50 XP is required to reach the first level, meaning there is a "level 0," just like all other Skills.

Leveling up Fishing Skill will give the player:

Fishing Rods

Rod Name Rarity Damage Fishing Speed Bonus Effect Fishing level required How to Obtain
Fishing Rod Common +10
Vanilla recipe
Prismarine Rod Common +15 +10% faster 25% chance to catch Prismarine Shards or Prismarine Crystals Prismarine Shard IV or obtained from the Fisherman after fishing up 5 clay
Sponge Rod Common +20 +20% faster 20% chance to catch Sponge Sponge I
Speedster Rod Uncommon +30 +30% faster Hitting a mob gives a temporary speed boost Raw Salmon V
Farmer's Rod Uncommon +45 +40% faster Chance to fish farm animals Clay V
Challenging Rod Rare +60 +50% faster Increases Sea creature chance icon.pngSea Creature Chance by 2% 10 Lily Pad V
Rod of Champions Rare +85 +60% faster Increases Sea creature chance icon.pngSea Creature Chance by 4% 13 Lily Pad VII
Ice Rod Rare +30 +10% faster Grants a 25% chance of catching ice blocks. 5 Frozen Steve Drop
Winter Rod Rare +40 +50% faster Increases your Sea creature chance icon.pngSea Creature Chance by 5%. 5 Sold by Sherry
Rod of Legends Epic +100 +70% faster Increases Sea creature chance icon.pngSea Creature Chance by 6%. 16 Lily Pad IX
Auger Rod Epic +80 +50% faster Breaks nearby ice blocks where it lands.

Triples the chance of the sea creatures you spawn to be winter sea creatures.

13 Ice X
Shredder Legendary +120 +75% faster Gives one strength for every 50 bait used (15 max) + gives one damage for every 100 fish caught (115 max) 20 Sea Emperor Drop
Yeti Rod Legendary +100 +75% faster Increase your walk speed by 1% for every 10 fish that you catch using this rod! A maximum increase of 100% 20 Yeti Drop
Rod of the Sea Legendary +100 +75% faster Increases Sea creature chance icon.pngSea Creature Chance by 7% 22 Crafted with Shark Fins, Shark Teeth, and the Rod of Legends

Fishing Baits

Below is a table of all the baits. When in the inventory or fishing bag of a player these are consumed each time you cast your Fishing Rod into the water. These baits provide a variety of bonus effects to Fishing.

Icon Bait Rarity Effect
Minnow Bait Minnow Bait Common 15% faster catch time.
Fish Bait Fish Bait Common 30% faster catch time.
Carrot Bait Carrot Bait Common Chance of fishing up Carrot King.
Spiked Bait Spiked Bait Common Increase sea creature spawn rate by 6%.
Dark Bait Dark Bait Common Higher chance to catch rare Sea creatures during the night.
Light Bait Light Bait Common Higher chance to catch rare Sea creatures during the day.
Spooky Bait Spooky Bait Common Scares off any Sea creatures.
Blessed Bait Blessed Bait Uncommon 15% chance to fish double items (similar to blessing).
Ice Bait Ice Bait Uncommon +20% chance to catch winter sea creatures.
Whale Bait Whale Bait Rare Small chance to get double drops from items fished, higher chance to catch rare Sea creatures and 20% faster catch time.
Shark Bait Shark Bait Uncommon You are 15% more likely to fish up Sharks during Fishing Festivals.

Fishing Gear

The following armor and accessories provide fishing-related bonuses.

Icon Name Effect
Angler Armor.png
Angler Armor Sea creature chance icon.pngSea Creature Chance: +1% per piece

Full Set Bonus: Depth Champion - Take -30% damage from Sea Creatures.
Full Set Bonus: Deepness Within - Gain 10Health icon.png per Fishing Level

Sponge Armor.png
Sponge Armor Sea creature chance icon.pngSea Creature Chance: +1.75% per piece

Full Set Bonus: Absorb - Doubles your Defense icon.pngDefense while in water.

Diver's Armor.png
Diver's Armor Sea creature chance icon.pngSea Creature Chance: +2% per piece

Full Set Bonus: One with the Fish - While touching water you move incredibly fast and can breathe permanently

Shark Scale Armor.png
Shark Scale Armor Sea creature chance icon.pngSea Creature Chance: +2.5% per piece

Full Set Bonus: Absorb - While touching or near water your Defense icon.pngDefense is doubled.
Full Set Bonus: Reflect - Reflect 15% of the damage you take back to the attacker.

Squid Hat Squid Hat Extra chance to fish up Squid!
Slime Hat Slime Hat Not exactly fishing gear, but good to avoid knockback from e.x. Sea Emperor and Frosty the snowman
Fish Affinity Talisman Fish Affinity Talisman 5.0% faster catch time
Bait Ring Bait Ring 5.0% chance not to consume Bait
Sea Creature Talisman Sea Creature Talisman / Ring / Artifact Take 5/10/15% less damage from Sea Creatures
Dolphin Pet Dolphin Pet Increases Fishing Rod.pngFishing Speed and Sea creature chance icon.pngSea Creature Chance, stuns Sea creatures after fishing them up
Flying Fish Pet Flying Fish Pet Increases Fishing Rod.pngFishing Speed, increases stats of Diver's Armor, gives Strength icon.pngStrength and Defense icon.pngDefense near water
Squid Pet Squid Pet Chance to get double drops from Squids, Fishing XP Boost
Megalodon Pet Megalodon Pet Increases stats of Shark Scale Armor, gives Strength icon.pngStrength, Damage Icon.pngDamage and Magic Find icon.pngMagic Find bonus
Raggedy Shark Tooth Necklace Raggedy / Dull / Honed / Sharp / Razor-sharp Shark Tooth Necklace Increases Strength icon.pngStrength and grants bonus chance to get Shark Teeth from sharks during Fishing Festivals.


Item Rarity XP Yield Area
Clay Normal ~4% +30 all, except Jerry Pond
Raw Fish Normal ~28% +25 all
Raw Salmon Normal ~13% +35 all
Pufferfish Normal ~7% +50 all
Prismarine Shard Good Catch ~1% +160 all
Prismarine Crystals Good Catch ~1% +160 all
Clownfish Normal ~2% +100 all
Golden Apple Good Catch 0.5% +160 all
Sponge Good Catch ~1% +160 all
Ice Normal 0 Jerry Pond
Packed Ice Normal 0 Jerry Pond
Enchanted Ice Great Catch +300 Jerry Pond
Enchanted Packed Ice Great Catch +300 Jerry Pond
Snowball Normal 0 Jerry Pond
Hunk of Ice Normal 0 Jerry Pond
Hunk of Blue Ice Good Catch +160 Jerry Pond
Coins (up to 10k) Good Catch ~3% +160 all
Music Disc (all) Good Catch ~3% +160 all
Grand Experience Bottle Good Catch ~1% +160, +1 Enchanting all, except Jerry Pond
Titanic Experience Bottle Great Catch +300, +1 Enchanting all
Enchanted Golden Apple Great Catch ~1% +300 all
Fairy's Fedora Great Catch +300 Fairy Lake
Fairy's Polo Great Catch +300 Fairy Lake
Fairy's Trousers Great Catch +300 Fairy Lake
Fairy's Galoshes Great Catch +300 Fairy Lake
Sea Lantern Good Catch ~1% +160 all
Enchanted Clay Great Catch +300 all
Enchanted Iron Great Catch +300 all
Enchanted Gold Great Catch +300 all
Enchanted Diamond Great Catch +300 all
Enchanted Pufferfish Great Catch +300 all
Coins (10k - 20k) Great Catch +300 all
Guardian Pet Great Catch +300 all
Squid Pet Great Catch +300 Birch Park, during rain
Music Rune Great Catch +300 all

Sea Creatures

When fishing, players have a chance to catch a sea creature. Runic sea creatures have a 50% chance to drop a Wake Rune upon death. As a player increases their fishing level, they unlock stronger creatures that give more XP and better loot. Please note that fishing XP is earned from killing sea creatures, not combat XP. Due to a recent update on May 27, 2020, killing sea creatures on the private island does not provide fishing XP. Refer to Winter Sea Creatures for the list of Jerry Lake only Sea Creatures.

Requirements Name Rarity Level Hp Drops XP yield Flavour Text when caught
Fishing Level 1 Squid Common ~10-15% 1 2000 +30 You caught a lowly squid.
Fishing Level 2 Sea Walker Common ~7% 4 1500 +50 From the depths of the waters, you've reeled in a Sea Walker.
Fishing Level 3

Night Squid Common 6 2000 +200 Pitch Darkness reveals you've caught a Night Squid.
Fishing Level 4

Frozen Steve Common 7 700 +80 Frozen Steve fell into the pond long ago, never to resurface... until now!
Fishing Level 5

Nurse Shark Special 6 2,500 More Info Needed A tiny fin emerges from the water, you've caught a Nurse Shark.
Fishing Level 5 Sea Guardian Common ~4% 10 2500 +75 You've stumbled upon a patrolling Sea Guardian
Fishing Level 6

Frosty (Mob) Common 13 5000 +165 Its a Snowman! It looks harmless.
Fishing Level 7 Sea Witch Uncommon 15 6,000 +250 It looks like you've disrupted the Sea Witch's brewing session. Watch out, she's furious!
Fishing Level 9

Blue Shark Special 20 25,000 More Info Needed You spot a fin as blue as the water it came from, it's a Blue Shark.
Fishing Level 10 Sea Archer Uncommon ~4% 15 7,000 +125 From the depths of the waters, you've reeled in a Sea Archer.
Fishing Level 11 Monster of The Deep Uncommon ~3% 20 20,000 +200 The Monster of The Deep emerges from the dark depths...
Fishing Level 13

Grinch Uncommon 21 10

Note: Takes 1 damage every hit.

+300 The Grinch stole Jerry's Gifts...get them back!
Fishing Level 13 Catfish Rare ~2% 23 26,000 +300 You have found a Catfish. Don't let it steal your catches!
Fishing Level 15

Carrot King Rare 25 32,000 +610 Is this even a Fish? It's the Carrot King!
Fishing Level 16 Sea Leech Rare ~1% 30 60,000 +500 Gross! A Sea Leech!
Fishing Level 17 Guardian Defender Epic 45 76000 +750 You've discovered a Guardian Defender of the sea.
Fishing Level 18

Tiger Shark Special 50 250,000 More Info Needed A striped beast bounds from the depths, the wild Tiger Shark!
Fishing Level 18 Deep Sea Protector Epic 60 200,000 +1000 You have awoken the Deep Sea Protector, prepare for a battle!
Fishing Level 19 Water Hydra Legendary 100 340,000 +3000 The Water Hydra has come to test your Strength.
Fishing Level 20 Sea Emperor Legendary 150 750,000 +2500 The Sea Emperor arises from the depths...
Fishing Level 24

Great White Shark Special 180 1,500,000 More Info Needed Hide no longer, a Great White Shark has tracked your scent and thirsts for your blood!
Fishing Level 25

Yeti Legendary 175 2,000,000 +3000 What is this creature!?

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter is an ability exclusively unlocked by leveling up the Fishing Skill. Each level of Treasure Hunter grants an additional 0.2% chance to obtain treasure.

Each level of Fishing grants one level of Treasure Hunter. For example, if you were on Fishing Level 15, you would be on Treasure Hunter level 15.

Leveling Rewards

Like all other non-cosmetic Skills, Fishing has a maximum level of 50.

Level Chance of Granting Treasure Health
1-14 0.2% +2
15-19 0.2% +3
20-25 0.2% +4
26-50 0.2% +5

The cumulative rewards at Fishing level 25 are:

  • +5% chance of catching treasure
  • 67 Health icon.pngHealth
  • 30,475 Coins

The cumulative rewards at Fishing level 50 are:

  • 10% chance of catching treasure
  • 192 Health icon.pngHealth
  • 1,406,475 Coins

Fishing Locations

The following are the coordinates of popular fishing spots and locations where unique drops occur.

Location x y z Unique drops Notes
Fairy Pond 116 65 135 Fairy Armor Set It can be utilized for fishing just before a dark auction starts and is an easier way to get the full fairy Armor set.
Fisherman's Lake 152 68 47
Higher Clay Ball drop rate to get the Clay Minion.
Mountain Lake -69 68 26
A very popular area that is one block deep and can be used as a method to get other people to help with killing your Sea Creatures. Ensure you go to the lobbies with most people fishing.
Mushroom Island 169 76 -383
An area that has been popular for fishing since skyblocks release, contains a fairy soul underneath the surface.
Private Island
Lower chance to catch Sea Creatures. No fishing XP from sea creatures.
Spawn Puddles -39 71 -100
Very close to the Hub Island spawn area. May be used to bait sea creatures to kill AFK players.
The Park -292 84 -41
Rain can be purchased from Vanessa, which will make fishing faster, as well as spawning Squids while it's raining. (costs 5000 coins per minute)

This bought rain includes a catch chance for Night Squids without using Dark Bait.

Jerry Pond Winter Island Winter Sea Creatures, Snowballs, Snow Blocks, Ice, Enchanted Ice, Enchanted Packed Ice, Ice Bait, Hunk of Ice, Hunk of Blue Ice, Baby Yeti Pet Only accessible during Late Winter. Has 4 unique sea creatures. Can be accessed through the Jerry's Workshop fast travel in the Skyblock Menu or the Jerry NPC at the event stand.


Fairy Pond.png
Fisherman's Hut.png
Mountain Lake.png
Mushroom Island Lake.png
The Park Lake.png
Jerry Pond.png

Trivia and Hints

  • There are currently 3 Fairy Souls you can only obtain by fishing.
  • The Fishing Crystal that spawns when you make the pond island grants more frequent drops of Prismarine Shards and Prismarine Crystals.
  • Daytime occurs between 6:00 am–7:00 pm whilst Night time occurs between 7:00 pm–6:00 a.m. Also indicated by the sun or moon next to the time in the sidebar.
  • Public Islands provide a boosted sea monster catch chance.
  • If fishing at Private Island, use the weather stick to make it rain, which will allow you to have faster catch times.
    • However, as mob XP was removed from Private Island, the ability to control weather would benefit if you are fishing solely for treasures.
  • There are two blocks on the Fairy Lake bed where there is fire underneath; however, it doesn't seem to serve any purpose at the moment.
  • The Combat XP buffs from Slayer, Combat XP Boost Potion, Viking's Tear, or Accessories like Hunter Ring apply to Fishing XP earned from killing sea creatures.
  • XP from Sea Creatures based on Zombies (Sea Walker, Monster of the Deep, Water Hydra) count for Zombie Slayer.
  • When killing the chicken of the Monster of the Deep you get more XP. But for a Runic Monster of the Deep only killing the Zombie yields a rune.
  • You can't hit sea creatures with arrows.


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Fishing Rod.png Added Fishing.
July 2, 20190.5Sea Walker.png Added Sea creatures.
Added Fishing Bait.
Added Fishing Minion.
x4 Fishing XP.
3 new Fishing collections: Lily Pad, Sponge, and Ink Sack.
Changed treasure loot.
July 9, 20190.6Default Sea Creatures catch rates buffed from 10% to 20%.
Max Sea Creature catch rate nerfed from 56% to 41%.
Odds of Hydra and Emperor rates remain the same.
Aug 2, 20190.7Increased the Fishing EXP gained from Fish, Sponge, Clay, Prismarine Shards, and Prismarine Crystals.
Sep 8, 20200.9Added Fishing Festival.
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