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☂ Fishing Speed is the amount of time it takes the player to catch an item or Sea Creature.


The amount of ticks it will take for the player to catch something is dependent on these formulae:

The amount of OtherMultipliers are specified from different Talismans, Fishing Rods, Fishing Baits, and Pets.
The amount of TicksPerSecond can vary, but is 20 by default.

Ways to Increase

A +n% Fishing Speed equates to an n% discount to the Ticks in the equation above.

Fishing Rods

Icon Item Rarity Type ☂ Fishing Speed
Prismarine Rod.png Prismarine Rod Common Fishing Rod +10%
Sponge Rod.png Sponge Rod Common Fishing Rod +20%
Speedster Rod.png Speedster Rod Uncommon Fishing Rod +30%
Ice Rod.png Ice Rod Rare Fishing Rod +10%
Winter Rod.png Winter Rod Rare Fishing Rod +50%
Farmer's Rod.png Farmer's Rod Uncommon Fishing Rod +40%
Challenging Rod.png Challenging Rod Rare Fishing Rod +50%
Yeti Rod.png Yeti Rod Epic Fishing Rod +50%
Rod of Champions.png Rod of Champions Rare Fishing Rod +60%
Phantom Rod.png Phantom Rod Legendary Fishing Rod +65%
Rod of Legends.png Rod of Legends Epic Fishing Rod +70%
Auger Rod.png Auger Rod Legendary Fishing Rod +75%
Shredder.png Shredder Legendary Fishing Rod +75%
Rod of the Sea.png Rod of the Sea Legendary Fishing Rod +75%


Icon Item Type ☂ Fishing Speed
Minnow Bait.png Minnow Bait Fishing Bait +15%
Fish Bait.png Fish Bait Fishing Bait +30%
Whale Bait.png Whale Bait Fishing Bait +20%
Spooky Bait.png Spooky Bait Fishing Bait +15%
Fish Affinity Talisman.png Fish Affinity Talisman Accessory +5%
Flying Fish Pet (Mythic).png Flying Fish Pet Pet Up to +40% (Rare)
Up to +50% (Epic/Legendary/Mythic)
Dolphin Pet.png Dolphin Pet Pet Up to +15% (Common), +20% (Uncommon/Rare), +25% (Epic/Legendary)
Ammonite Pet.png Ammonite Pet Pet Up to +36% (Legendary) at Mining level 60

Maximum Fishing Speed

The maximum fishing speed can be obtained through the following method, using these items:

  • Shredder, Auger Rod, or Rod of the Sea (+75 ☂ Fishing Speed)
    • Enchant your fishing rod with Lure
    • Note: Fishing reforges/recombobulators on fishing rods are not necessary for increasing this stat.
    • Note: The enchantments Angler and Expertise are not needed for the maximum ☂ Fishing Speed.
  • Flying Fish Pet (Epic - Legendary - Mythic) Lvl 100 (+50 ☂ Fishing Speed)
  • Fish Bait (+30 ☂ Fishing Speed)


  • ☂ Fishing Speed stacks multiplicatively.
  • The ☂ Fishing Speed stat reduces the fishing time directly by the ☂ Fishing Speed.
    • For example, a rod with 50% faster ☂ Fishing Speed will fish substantially more than 50% more items in the same period compared to a rod with 0% faster ☂ Fishing Speed. If the rod with 50% faster ☂ Fishing Speed takes 15 seconds to fish something up, it actually takes 7.5 instead (15 * (1 - 0.5) = 7.5 seconds).


Alpha Hypixel Network
July 25, 2022Added ☂ Fishing Speed to the SkyBlock Menu Stats list.
SkyBlock Prototype
July 2, 20190.5Added ☂ Fishing Speed.