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Furniture are items that can be crafted from the Carpentry Table, which is unlocked at Crafting Table.png Carpentry 1. Players can only have 15 pieces of Furniture on their own Private Island, not including Century Cakes, which have their own Furniture cap of 12.

Carpentry Furniture[]

Some Carpentry Furniture can be crafted using the Carpentry Table, while some others can be bought in the Furniture Shop (in the basement of the Carpenter's house). The level listed in the table is the Carpentry level at which it is unlocked.

Important: For items with a level requirement, a furniture with a level requirement cannot be placed before meeting that requirement; as such, buying it from the Auction House or the Furniture Shop before reaching that level will not allow it be placed early. Because non-ranked players cannot progress past Crafting Table.png Carpentry 3, higher level items cannot be placed by them.

Icon Furniture Cost LVL Notes
Carpentry Table Carpentry Table
Crafted using a Crafting Table unlike other furnitures.
Stool Stool Stick4Dark Oak Wood PlankWhite Wool Seats 1 Player
Coffee Table Coffee Table Stick4Dark Oak Wood Plank4White Wool4
Dining Chair Dining Chair Stick10Dark Oak Wood Plank2White Wool Seats 1 Player
Dining Table Dining Table Stick8Dark Oak Wood Plank12White Wool12
Minion Chair Minion Chair Iron IngotStick2Dark Oak Wood Plank4Stone4 1 Once placed, clicking it will open up a menu that lets you place one Minion into it. The minion will not do any work, but will also not count towards the minion limit on an island, allowing you to show off a minion without using it. You cannot place Minion Skins into it.
Dark Oak Chair Dark Oak Chair Dark Oak Wood Plank4Stone4 1
Flower Pot Flower Pot Iron Ingot6DirtHardened Clay8Rose Bush 2 Can also be purchased in the Furniture Shop for 150 coins
Dark Oak Bench Dark Oak Bench Dark Oak Wood Plank16Stone6 3 Seats 2 Players
Dark Oak Table Dark Oak Table Dark Oak Wood Plank12Stone4 4
Armor Stand Armor Stand Iron Ingot6Stick6Stone 5 Showcase / Storage - This armor showcase lets you show off a full set of armor, plus a single weapon (sword, pickaxe, or axe) - Can also be purchased in the Furniture Shop for 100 coins
Scarecrow Scarecrow Hay BaleStick8Brown Wool4Wheat4Pumpkin 6 Can also be purchased in the Furniture Shop for 120 coins
Desk Desk FeatherHardened ClayDark Oak Wood Plank16Oak Wood Plank 7
Bookcase Bookcase Dark Oak Wood Plank12Bookshelf4 8
Small Shelves Small Shelves Dark Oak Wood Plank12Wooden Trapdoor2 9
Weapon Rack Weapon Rack Stick8Stone4 10 Showcase / Storage - This weapon rack lets you show off 4 weapons (swords, pickaxes, or axes) - Can also be bought from the Furniture Shop for 100 coins
Fire Pit Fire Pit Stick16Enchanted Iron 11 Can be toggled using the use item key (right-click by default) to display flame particles and smoke.
Tiki Torch Tiki Torch Stick4Flint and SteelNetherrack 12
Fireplace Fireplace Iron Ingot4FurnaceGlass Bottle2Stone16Red Carpet6 13 Replicates furnace functions - Can also be bought from the Furniture Shop for 10,000 coins
Furnace+ Furnace+ Iron Ingot4FurnaceEnchanted Coal 13 Replicates furnace functions - Can also be bought from the Furniture Shop for 15,000 coins
Chest Storage Chest Storage Dark Oak Wood Plank12Wooden Trapdoor2Chest4 14 Extra-large chest with 3 tabs, can also be bought from the Furniture Shop for 15,000 coins
Weapon Rack+ Weapon Rack+ Oak Wood Plank3Red Carpet3Stone2Enchantment TableEnchanted Eye of Ender 15 Showcase / Storage - Show off your best weapon (sword, pickaxe or axe) including a hologram with stats!

(currently broken..)

Hay Bed Hay Bed Hay Bale10Oak Wood Plank6 16 When used, sets the spawn location on the island.
Large Bed Large Bed White Wool10Oak Wood Plank6 16
Water Trough Water Trough Stone2Dark Oak Wood Plank4Water Bucket2 17 An infinite source of water for buckets and bottles.
Food Trough Food Trough Stone2Dark Oak Wood Plank4Hay Bale2 17
Medium Shelves Medium Shelves Dark Oak Wood Plank24Wooden Trapdoor4Chest 18
Crafting Table+ Crafting Table+ Dark Oak Wood Plank14Oak Wood Plank4Stone10Stick3Iron Hoe2 19 Replicate Crafting Table Functions (currently broken) - Can also be bought from the Furniture Shop for 10,000 coins
Wood Chest+ Wood Chest+ Chest12Oak Wood Plank64 20 Extra-large chest with 3 tabs. Can also be bought from the Furniture Shop for 15,000 coins
Diamond Chest+ Diamond Chest+ Chest12Diamond64 20 Extra-large chest with 3 tabs
Emerald Chest+ Emerald Chest+ Chest12Emerald64 20
Iron Chest+ Iron Chest+ Chest12Iron Ingot64 20
Gold Chest+ Gold Chest+ Chest12Gold Ingot64 20
Lapis Chest+ Lapis Chest+ Chest12Lapis Lazuli64 20
Redstone Chest+ Redstone Chest+ Chest12Redstone64 20
Ender Chest+ Ender Chest+ Chest12Eye of Ender64 20
Endstone Chest+ Endstone Chest+ Chest12End Stone64 20
Brewing+ Brewing+ Brewing StandOak Wood Plank4Stone4Water Bottle5 21 Replicates the functions of a Brewing Stand
Enchanting Table+ Enchanting Table+ Dark Oak Wood Plank12Enchantment TableBookshelf40Skeleton TalismanRed Carpet 22 Replicates Vanilla functions of an Enchanting Table, comes with the power of a maxed-out Enchanting Table - Can also be purchased from the Furniture Shop for 10,000 coins.

It now works like a maxed out Enchanting Table with a bookshelves Power of 40.

Blacksmith+ Blacksmith+ Dark Oak Wood Plank20Oak Wood Plank3Stone5StickAnvilIron ShovelIron Pickaxe 23 Replicates the functions of an Anvil
Skull Chest++ Skull Chest++ Chest12Skeleton Talisman4Bone64 24 Extra-large chest with 6 tabs
Grandfather Clock Grandfather Clock ClockEnchanted Gold BlockEnchanted Iron BlockDark Oak Wood Plank16Stick2 25 Accurately displays time on your island

Reward Bundle Furniture[]

These furniture items are obtained from Reward Bundles.

Click the "placed" images to see a more detailed preview.

Icon Placed Furniture Rank(s) Notes
Hypixel Sandcastle
Hypixel Sandcastle preview.png
Hypixel Sandcastle [VIP], [MVP+], [MVP++]
Beach Chair
Beach Chair preview.png
Beach Chair [VIP], [MVP+], [MVP++]
Beach Ball
Beach Ball preview.png
Beach Ball [VIP], [VIP+], [MVP], [MVP+], [MVP++] A normal player head with a ball skin.
Picnic Set
Picnic Set preview.png
Picnic Set [VIP+], [MVP+], [MVP++]
Beach Chair+
Beach Chair+ preview.png
Beach Chair+ [VIP+], [MVP+], [MVP++]
Red Tent
Red Tent preview.png
Red Tent [MVP], [MVP+], [MVP++]
Cola Cooler
Cola Cooler preview.png
Cola Cooler [MVP], [MVP+], [MVP++]
Icon Placed Furniture Rank(s) Notes
Illusion Glass
Illusion Glass preview.png
Illusion Glass [VIP] Anything with a hardcoded model will be hidden when looking through this. (Ex. Entities, Chests, Fluids)
Flying Bats
Flying Bats preview.png
Flying Bats [VIP+]
Halloween Candles
Halloween Candles preview.png
Halloween Candles [VIP+]
Candy Bowl
Candy Bowl preview.png
Candy Bowl [MVP]
Stacked Pumpkins
Stacked Pumpkins preview.png
Stacked Pumpkins [MVP]
Ghost Book
Ghost Book preview.png
Ghost Book [MVP+]
X PEDESTAL preview.png
X PEDESTAL [MVP+] Bat on top is a normal bat, flying while stuck in place.
Zombie Grave
Zombie Grave preview.png
Zombie Grave [MVP++]
Cauldron preview.png
Cauldron [MVP++]
Icon Placed Furniture Rank(s) Notes
Present Stack
Present Stack preview.png
Present Stack [VIP]
Stocking preview.png
Stocking [VIP] Hovers about a block off the ground
Nutcracker preview.png
Nutcracker [VIP+]
Small Holiday Tree
Small Holiday Tree preview.png
Small Holiday Tree [MVP] Animated Enchanted Nether Star on top
Garland preview.png
Garland [MVP] Hovers about a block and a half off the ground
Tall Holiday Tree
Tall Holiday Tree preview.png
Tall Holiday Tree [MVP+] Animated Enchanted Nether Star on top
Candle Arch
Candle Arch preview.png
Candle Arch [MVP+] Hovers about a block off the ground
Derpy Snowman
Derpy Snowman preview.png
Derpy Snowman [MVP++]

Icon Placed Furniture Rank(s) Notes
Egg Pile
Egg Pile preview.png
Egg Pile [VIP]
Easter Basket
Easter Basket preview.png
Easter Basket [VIP+]
Bunny preview.png
Bunny [MVP]
Chick Nest
Chick Nest preview.png
Chick Nest [MVP+]
Bunny Jerry
Bunny Jerry preview.png
Bunny Jerry [MVP++]
Icon Placed Furniture Rank(s) Notes
Life Preserver
Life Preserver preview.png
Life Preserver [MVP]
BBQ Grill
BBQ Grill preview.png
BBQ Grill [MVP+]
Dingy preview.png
Dingy [MVP++]
Icon Placed Furniture Rank(s) Notes
Coffin preview.png
Coffin [MVP]
Mummy Candle
Mummy Candle preview.png
Mummy Candle [MVP+] Animated Enchanted Blaze Powder on top
Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball preview.png
Crystal Ball [MVP++]
Icon Placed Furniture Rank(s) Notes
Star Decorations
Star Decorations preview.png
Star Decorations [VIP+] Animated Enchanted Nether Stars. Hovers about a block off the ground
Reindeer Plush
Reindeer Plush preview.png
Reindeer Plush [MVP]
Sled preview.png
Sled [MVP+]
Wreath preview.png
Wreath [MVP++] Hovers about a block off the ground
Gingerbread House
Gingerbread House preview.png
Gingerbread House [MVP++]

Icon Placed Furniture Rank(s) Notes
Egg Stack
Egg Stack preview.png
Egg Stack [VIP]
Flower Bed
Flower Bed preview.png
Flower Bed [VIP+]
Carrot Patch
Carrot Patch preview.png
Carrot Patch [MVP]
Hay Bale (Furniture)
Hay Bale (furniture) preview.png
Hay Bale [MVP+]
Rabbit Hutch
Rabbit Hutch preview.png
Rabbit Hutch [MVP++]
Chicken Coop
Chicken Coop preview.png
Chicken Coop [MVP++]
Icon Placed Furniture Rank(s) Notes
Deck Chair
Deck Chair preview.png
Deck Chair [MVP] 2.5 blocks long
Beach Umbrella
Beach Umbrella preview.png
Beach Umbrella [MVP+] 3.5 blocks high
Surfboard preview.png
Surfboard [MVP++] Has a fin on the back (a feather)
Mini Sandcastle
Mini Sandcastle preview.png
Mini Sandcastle [MVP++]
Icon Placed Furniture Rank(s) Notes
Black Cat Plush
Black Cat Plush preview.png
Black Cat Plush [VIP+]
Witch's Broomstick
Witch's Broomstick preview.png
Witch's Broomstick [MVP]
Candle Table
Candle Table preview.png
Candle Table [MVP+]
Skull Vase
Skull Vase preview.png
Skull Vase [MVP++]
Icon Placed Furniture Rank(s) Notes
Happy Snowman Happy Snowman [VIP]
Ice Sofa Ice Sofa [VIP+]
Ice Fireplace Ice Fireplace [MVP]
Ice Chair Ice Chair [MVP+]
Ice Dinner Table Ice Dinner Table [MVP+]
Ice Knight Statue Ice Knight Statue [MVP++]

Icon Placed Furniture Rank(s) Notes
Wind Chimes Wind Chimes [MVP]
Bird House Bird House [MVP+]
Floral Lamppost Floral Lamppost [MVP++]

Special Furniture[]

These furniture items are obtinaed with other means.

Icon Furniture Cost Notes
Personal Harp Personal Harp Bought from Melody for 600,000 coins Given the option to purchase when you achieve a 100% on Greensleeves (the 6th song) from Melody. Use this as a Harp on your island, which has a bonus song that gives +1 Intelligence Stat Icon.pngIntelligence.
Crab-Colored Century Cake Century Cake Given by Simon Only one can be obtained from Simon, randomly selected. Multiple can be bought from the Auction House. Does not count toward furniture limit.
Hologram Hologram Bought from Bits Shop for 2,000 Bits Emits particles and displays custom text. The color of those particles can be changed by the player to any of Minecraft's default 16 colors, or disabled entirely. The model itself can also be disabled.

The Hologram projects text, in the style of a mob's name tag. Up to three lines of text can be written. Text input is through the Minecraft chat box. When editing Hologram text, ensure the message begins with "/hgl", or the Hologram's text will not update.


  • In newer Minecraft versions, items and blocks in furniture are often misaligned. This is due to armor stand mechanics changing in newer versions, affecting how they are viewed.


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