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Gemstone Crystals are collectibles obtained from special tasks within the Crystal Hollows.

The Crystals aren't actual items, but rather achievements that can be tracked in the Heart of the Mountain menu. To get the rewards from the Crystal Nucleus the player needs to find and place five Crystals: Jade, Amber, Amethyst, Sapphire, and Topaz. The two other Crystals, Ruby and Jasper, are only used to forge the Perfect Ruby Gemstone.png Perfect Ruby Gemstone and the Perfect Jasper Gemstone.png Perfect Jasper Gemstone. All the Crystals are obtained in a different way.

The Wishing Compass.png Wishing Compass can point to the locations of the Crystals or other important related locations.

Crystal Nucleus Crystals[]


The Jade Crystal is obtained in by finding 4 different Scavenged Items with a Iron Hoe.png Metal Detector in the Mines of Divan. After giving the 4 items to their respective Keepers, the Crystal can be taken.


The Amber Crystal is obtained from the Goblin Queen's Den in the Goblin Holdout.

In order to obtain it, the player must first get the King's Scent Potion Effect, which is obtained from King Yolkar Sprite.png King Yolkar after giving him 3 Egg.png Goblin Eggs of the same color.

After obtaining the King's Scent effect, the Queen's Den can be entered to obtain the Crystal. This effect lasts for 20 minutes, but it can be used multiple times to get the crystal. Entering water will remove the effect.


The Amethyst Crystal is obtained from entering the Jungle Temple by giving a Kalhuiki Door Guardian Sprite.png Kalhuiki Door Guardian a Jungle Key.png Jungle Key (Obtained by killing the Jungle Key Guardian or purchased from Odawa) and completing the parkour.


The Sapphire Crystal is obtained by giving the 6 different Automaton Parts.gif Automaton Parts (obtained from loot chests in the Precursor Remnants or from killing Iron Golem Sprite.png Automatons) to Professor Robot Sprite.png Professor Robot in the Lost Precursor City. After giving the parts to him, he will repair the Automaton Prime, and a door will open which reveals the crystal.


The Topaz Crystal is obtained after defeating Bal, located in Khazad-dûm in the Magma Fields.

After defeating the boss, the Crystal will spawn nearby.

Other Crystals[]


The Ruby Crystal is obtained as an exceedingly rare drop from mining Ruby or as a reward from the Crystal Nucleus treasure stash.


The Jasper Crystal is a rare drop from killing Butterfly Sprite.gif Butterflies in the Fairy Grotto. It can also be obtained by looting chests in the Fairy Grotto or as a reward from the Crystal Nucleus treasure stash.


  • The place where the Topaz Crystal spawns in Khazad-dûm is surrounded by invisible barrier blocks, even if the Crystal has not spawned.
  • The Topaz Crystal can be collected before it appears by clicking on the barrier blocks where it would appear after defeating Bal.
  • If a player somehow tried to obtain a Crystal before they are supposed to (glitching in the Jungle Temple, entering the Goblin Queen's Den during lag, glitching into Automaton Prime in the Lost Precursor City, etc.), they will receive the following chat message: "You haven't earned this Crystal! Come back when you have >:-)".
  • All Crystals have an unobtainable item form, that can be seen in The Forge when forging Perfect Gemstones. Ruby Crystal
    • The Jasper Crystal used to drop as an item, and it could be sold on the Auction House. Jasper Crystals obtained before the change can still be traded and auctioned.
  • The Jasper and Ruby Crystals in their item forms can be donated to the Museum.


SkyBlock Prototype
July 14, 20210.12Added Gemstone Crystals.
July 27, 2021Jasper Crystals no longer drop as items.
Added message for obtaining Ruby and Jasper Crystals.
Sep 13, 2021Ruby and Jasper Crystals can now drop from the Crystal Nucleus.