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The Gemstone Mixture is a Rare item that can be obtained from forging in The Forge in the Dwarven Mines.


The Gemstone Mixture can be forged once the player has reached Heart of the Mountain IV (4). It requires Fine Jade Gemstone.png 4x Fine Jade Gemstone, Fine Amber Gemstone.png 4x Fine Amber Gemstone, Fine Amethyst Gemstone.png 4x Fine Amethyst Gemstone, Fine Sapphire Gemstone.png 4x Fine Sapphire Gemstone, Sludge Juice.png 320x Sludge Juice and 4 hours to forge.

It is also a rare drop from the Crystal Nucleus.

Forging Tree[]

Gemstone Mixture.png 1x Gemstone Mixture


Gemstone Mixtures are used in forging the Gemstone Drill Model LT-522, Gemstone Chamber, Topaz Drill KGR-12, Gemstone Fuel Tank, Titanium Drill DR-X655, Divan Armor, and Perfectly-Cut Fuel Tank.

Gemstone Mixtures are also used to craft the Ring of Power and Artifact of Power.

Ring of Power[]

❤ Fine Ruby GemstoneGemstone Mixture❤ Fine Ruby Gemstone
❤ Fine Ruby GemstoneTalisman of Power❤ Fine Ruby Gemstone
❤ Fine Ruby Gemstone❤ Fine Ruby Gemstone❤ Fine Ruby Gemstone

Ring of Power

Artifact of Power[]

Gemstone Mixture4Gemstone Mixture4Gemstone Mixture4
Gemstone Mixture4Ring of PowerGemstone Mixture4
Gemstone Mixture4Gemstone Mixture4Gemstone Mixture4

Artifact of Power


  • This item doesn't require Ruby, Topaz, or Jasper, but it does require the other 4 Gemstones.
  • It used to have the same texture as the Lantern in the first few days of the alpha testing.


Alpha Hypixel Network
June 30, 2021AHN 0.12 Round 1Lantern.png Added Gemstone Mixture.
July 7, 2021Gemstone Mixture.png Changed the head texture for Gemstone Mixture.
SkyBlock Prototype
July 14, 20210.12Gemstone Mixture.png Added Gemstone Mixture.
July 15, 2021Removed Topaz and Jasper from the recipe.
Unknown DateAdded item lore.
Sep 13, 2021Now requires 4 (from 2) of each Gemstone and 320 (from 500) Sludge Juice to forge.
Can now be obtained as a rare drop from the Crystal Nucleus.