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Ghosts are semi-invisible mobs found in The Mist which is located in Dwarven Mines. They deal heavy damage which increases the closer one gets to them. Ghosts do not show their health totals above their heads, which makes it hard to tell how much damage the player has dealt to them.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Ghosts spawn in large numbers in The Mist in the Dwarven Mines.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Ghosts drop:

Ghosts also grant base 100 Combat XP, and up to 300 coins per kill, if the player has Scavenger IV and the Scavenger Talisman.

All known Ghost drops are affected by magic find.

Ghosts have a unique loot-sharing mechanic. When multiple players are nearby each other killing Ghosts, those group of players will all receive the rare drops dropped from the Ghosts.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Ghosts are hostile to any nearby players. They have 1MHealth icon.png and move slowly. They have a periodic AoE attack of a 4 block radius that deals more damage the closer they are to players. They deal 1000 damage along with 100 true damage; if the player gets within 1 block of them, the damage is doubled to 2000 and 200. They also do not take knockback.

Ghosts can take damage only from melee attacks; magic abilities, bows(including Bonemerangs) and damage over time effects(like Phoenix Pet's Fourth Flare and Wither Skeleton's Death Touch) will not affect Ghosts. Item abilities that deal melee damage, such as those of Flower of Truth and Soul Whip, will damage Ghosts.

They have the appearance of an invisible Charged Creeper, where only the charged part is visible, similar to the Creeper Veil of the Wither Cloak Sword. Their name tags and health bars do not show. The damage bonus of Cubism works on them.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Flower of Truth is very good for keeping a safe distance from Ghosts while dealing damage with life-steal enchantments. Swapping to a high-damage weapon such as Giant's Sword or a 50M+ Emerald Blade will allow one to deal more damage. This setup has the potential to kill Ghosts in one hit.
  • The Soul Whip can deal heavy damage to large groups of Ghosts while staying out of range of their melee attacks. This is generally considered the most effective weapon against them.
  • The Phantom Rod allows players to deal damage from afar and avoid taking hits. However, this method is slower than the Soul Whip.
  • A good budget way of killing them is by using any fishing rod to throw them into the air. They will then take a decent amount of fall damage depending on how high they fall. With practice, the player can kill them very effectively. Best spot for doing this is at Compass.png0, 101, 82. However, this method is often too slow to be profitable.
  • A good way to kill ghosts is running circles around a group of them and using a soul whip to damage them.
    • Although it might sound dangerous to get so close to Ghosts, this technique can be very profitable if done correctly. Players looking to use this grinding method should max out their life steal enchants and use a high damage set with decent protection, such as Shadow Assassin Armor, Superior Dragon Armor, or Necron's Armor. The important thing is to not get too close, and heal any damage you take using the life steal from the Soul Whip. To avoid losing coins and potion effects on death, it is highly recommended to use both the Booster Cookie and God Potion while grinding Ghosts in this way. This boosts profit by increasing drop rate and the rate at which you kill ghosts.

History[edit | edit source]

SkyBlock Prototype
Jan 15, 20210.11Added Ghosts.
Jan 18, 2021Reduced Sorrow drop chance.
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