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The Glacite Armor is an Epic Armor set dropped from Ice Walkers. It increases ⸕ Mining Speed based on Stone Pickaxe.png Mining level.


It is dropped from Ice Walker in Dwarven Mines. Each piece has a drop rate of 0.25%.


Each piece grants 10 ⸕ Mining Speed for a total of 40 on the full set. The Full Set Bonus grants an additional 2 per Stone Pickaxe.png Mining level.

The ❈ Defense of each piece is doubled within the Gold Mine, Deep Caverns, Dwarven Mines, and Crystal Hollows.

It is recommended to use when the player can't afford Sorrow Armor.



SkyBlock Prototype
Jan 15, 20210.11Glacite Armor.png Added Glacite Armor.
Jan 19, 2021+10 ⸕ Mining Speed per piece (from 0 to 10).
Unknown Date+30 ❂ True Defense on the entire set (from 0/0/0/0 to 5/10/10/5).
Feb 4, 2022Changed drop chance from Ice Walkers to 0.4% (from 0.25%).
Feb 2022Changed drop chance from Ice Walkers to 0.25% (from 0.4%).