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The Golden Tooth is a Rare Slayer item used in various Wolf Slayer recipes. It is used as an upgraded form of Wolf Tooth to craft higher-level items.



Recipe Name Wolf Slayer LVL
Shaman Sword Wolf Slayer LVL III
Mastiff Crown Wolf Slayer LVL IV
Mastiff Chestplate Wolf Slayer LVL IV
Mastiff Leggings Wolf Slayer LVL IV
Mastiff Boots Wolf Slayer LVL IV
Weird Tuba Wolf Slayer LVL V
Enchanted Leather8Golden Tooth2Enchanted Leather8
Golden Tooth2Red Claw TalismanGolden Tooth2
Enchanted Leather8Golden Tooth2Enchanted Leather8

Red Claw Ring
Red Claw Ring Wolf Slayer LVL V
Enchanted Leather32Golden Tooth18Enchanted Leather32
Golden Tooth18Red Claw EggGolden Tooth18
Enchanted Leather32Red Claw RingEnchanted Leather32

Red Claw Artifact
Red Claw Artifact Wolf Slayer LVL V
Enchanted Mutton9
Enchanted Mutton9
Golden Tooth18

Edible Mace
Edible Mace Wolf Slayer LVL V
Enchanted Lapis BlockGolden Tooth8Enchanted Lapis Block
Golden Tooth8Radiant Power OrbGolden Tooth8
Enchanted Lapis BlockGolden Tooth8Enchanted Lapis Block

Mana Flux Power Orb
Mana Flux Power Orb Wolf Slayer LVL VI
Helmet of the Pack Wolf Slayer LVL VI
Chestplate of the Pack Wolf Slayer LVL VI
Leggings of the Pack Wolf Slayer LVL VI
Boots of the Pack Wolf Slayer LVL VI
Golden Tooth24
Golden Tooth24
Shaman Sword

Pooch Sword
Pooch Sword Wolf Slayer LVL VI
Golden Tooth32Overflux CapacitorGolden Tooth32
Enchanted Redstone Block8Mana Flux Power OrbEnchanted Redstone Block8
Golden Tooth32Enchanted Redstone Block8Golden Tooth32

Overflux Power Orb
Overflux Power Orb Wolf Slayer LVL VII
Golden Tooth8Golden Tooth8Golden Tooth8
Golden Tooth8Enchanted Rotten Flesh32Golden Tooth8
Golden Tooth8Golden Tooth8Golden Tooth8

Hunter Talisman
Hunter Talisman Wolf Slayer LVL VII
Golden Tooth32Golden Tooth32Golden Tooth32
Golden Tooth32Grizzly BaitGolden Tooth32
Golden Tooth32Hunter TalismanGolden Tooth32

Hunter Ring
Hunter Ring Wolf Slayer LVL VII
Enchanted Obsidian64Plasma NucleusEnchanted Obsidian64
Golden Tooth24Overflux Power OrbGolden Tooth24
Enchanted Obsidian64Golden Tooth24Enchanted Obsidian64

Plasmaflux Power Orb
Plasmaflux Power Orb Wolf Slayer LVL VII
Golden ToothGolden ToothGolden Tooth
Golden ToothMedium Slayer SackGolden Tooth
Golden ToothGolden ToothGolden Tooth

Large Slayer Sack
Large Slayer Sack Wolf Slayer LVL VIII


SkyBlock Prototype
Oct 11, 20190.7.2Golden Tooth.png Added Golden Tooth.