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The gravel on this island seems to magically reappear when you break it. I don't ask questions.

Gravel is a Common collection block found in a small ravine in the Spider's Den. In the gravel ravine, there is the second part of the Flint Bros. quest, where you need to give Rick iron ingots.

Gravel and Flint can be bought from Pat.


Note: Although, when mining gravel there is a chance for flint, it will always count towards your collection regardless of what you receive.

I50Gravel Minion Recipe
II100Flint Shovel Recipe
III250Portal to Spider's Den Recipe
IV1,000Enchanted Book (Sharpness IV) Recipe
V2,500Enchanted Flint Recipe
VI5,000Enchanted Book (First Strike III) Recipe
VII10,000Critical Potion Recipe
VIII25,000Travel Scroll to Spider's Den Recipe
IX50,000+5,000 Mining Experience

Obtaining Edit

Natural Generation Edit

Gravel generates near the ravine at Spider's Den.

Usage Edit

Crafting Edit

Note: Unlike other collections, many gravel crafting recipes use Flint as a base.

Recipe Name Notes
Gravel10Wooden ShovelGravel10

Gravel Minion I
Gravel Minion Levels 1-4
Gravel16Ender Pearl16Gravel16

Portal to Spider's Den
Portal to Spider's Den


History Edit

SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Gravel Added Gravel.
Aug 15, 2019Flint now count towards Gravel collection.
Feb 21, 20200.7.6Gravel now respawns faster in the Spider's Den.
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