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The Green Jerry Talisman is an Uncommon Accessory found in Jerry Boxes. It grants the user -1 ✎ Intelligence. It can be upgraded to the Blue Jerry Talisman Blue Jerry Talisman and further upgraded to the Purple Jerry Talisman Purple Jerry Talisman from where it can finally be upgraded to the Golden Jerry Artifact Golden Jerry Artifact.


Blue Jerry Talisman[]

Green Jerry Talisman
Green Jerry TalismanGreen Jerry TalismanGreen Jerry Talisman
Green Jerry Talisman

Blue Jerry Talisman


  • While its debuff of -1 ✎ Intelligence might sound unattractive at first, it's commonly used for powerful Reforges and Enrichments, which outscale the negative impact of the debuff by far.
  • When using this to craft an upgraded Talisman, the reforge of the top-center Talisman will be applied to the newly crafted Talisman.
  • At one point this item was worth nearly 1 million coins


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Jan 11, 2021Green Jerry Talisman.png Added Green Jerry Talisman.