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❤ Health (❤ HP) is one of the eleven core player statistics. It indicates how many health points a player has.

Health is also referred to as "Max Health" or "Max HP".

This is currently the only stat that is increased by 3 skills (Farming, Fishing, and The Catacombs). This is also the only stat that has a theoretical infinite limit (due to Bestiary not having a known cap).


❤ Health represents the health points a player has. When ❤ Health reaches 0, the player dies.

The amount of ❤ Health a player has is displayed as hearts. By default, 10 hearts are shown. This amount increases up to 20 (2 rows of 10) as ❤ Health increases.

Having a high Base Health also increases Natural Regeneration. The base natural regeneration rate is 1.5% of the max ❤ Health per second.

Increasing Base Health

Players have a base ❤ Health of 100 by default. It can be increased by:

Action Additional HP Notes
Farming Level 1-14 +2/level

Total +242 at level 60

Level 15-19 +3/level
Level 20-25 +4/level
Level 26-60 +5/level
Fishing Level 1-14 +2/level Total +192 at level 50
Level 15-19 +3/level
Level 20-25 +4/level
Level 26-50 +5/level
Fairy Souls 5 Deposited +3-23 Total +615 with all Fairy Souls collected
Zombie Slayer Each level +2-6 Total +34 at level 9
Wolf Slayer Each level +2-5 Total +12 at level 9
Enderman Slayer Levels 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 +1-5 Total +15 at level 9
Bestiary Each level +2 Total +646 at max level 343
Catacombs Each Level +2 Total +100 at level 50
Wither Essence Shop Each level +2 Total +10 at level 5

With a max possible base HP being 1956.

Increasing Bonus Health

There are several ways to gain additional bonus ❤ Health.

Action Additional HP
Growth +15/level, up to 105
Armor Sets

Example: Ender Helmet Ender Helmet - +20
Example: Warden Helmet Warden Helmet - +300
Hot Potato Book +4/Book, up to 40
Fuming Potato Book +4/Book, up to 20

Absorption Health


Healing regenerates ❤ Health over time up to its maximum value.


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Added ❤ Health.