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The High Level is a large tall door of wood flanked on both sides by statues. It is located behind the Mountain.

Level 6 Skeletons spawn here at night.

In addition to their normal drops, the skeletons drop an extra bone that is not affected by Auto Pickup. If this bone is not picked up by a player within a short amount of time, the item will vanish and a skeleton will appear in its place. Initially, upon picking the bone up without a Combat Sack, the bone will not automatically stack. However, bones dropped by players do not increase the spawn rate. This behavior is identical to Gravel Skeletons in the Spider's Den.

Due to the high amount of mobs that can spawn, this is a popular spot to grind for Candy during the Spooky Festival.

High Level may be a future area for a dungeon or castle for the players to explore. A launch pad sits beneath the wood door meaning there will be an area to launch to in the future.

It mentions that you are able to fight other players there, though you cannot. It is unknown why it says that.



SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1High Level.png Added High Level.