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Hoes are used in Farming to create tilled Dirt Blocks for planting certain crops. They can also be enchanted with the Harvesting and the Replenish enchantments which increases the chance of double crops and plants the same crop after broken respectively.

SkyBlock Hoes

The Frozen Scythe Frozen Scythe, Reaper Scythe Reaper Scythe, and Ghoul Buster Ghoul Buster use Vanilla Hoe textures but are actually Swords.

NOTE: All hoes related to Jacob's Farming Contest event will retain their enchants, reforges and counters upon upgrading them to their next tier.

Icon Name Rarity Ability Source
Rookie Hoe Rookie Hoe Common Crops broken with this hoe have a 50% chance to drop a Seeds Seed. Farm Merchant (10 coins)
Hoe of Great Tilling Hoe of Great Tilling Uncommon Tills a 3x3 area of farmland at a time Anita (Bronze Medal, Jacob's Ticket 5x Jacob's Ticket)
Hoe of Greater Tilling Hoe of Greater Tilling Rare Tills a 5x5 area of farmland at a time Anita (Silver Medal, Jacob's Ticket 10x Jacob's Ticket)
Fungi Cutter Fungi Cutter Rare Gains +30% Mushroom drops Anita (Gold Medal, Jacob's Ticket 32x Jacob's Ticket)
Cactus Knife Cactus Knife Epic Used to instantly break Cactus Cactus Anita (Gold Medal, Jacob's Ticket 32x Jacob's Ticket)
Mathematical Hoe Blueprint Mathematical Hoe Blueprint Common Used in crafting Farming hoes Anita (Gold Medal, Jacob's Ticket 32x Jacob's Ticket)
Euclid's Wheat Hoe Euclid's Wheat Hoe Common .. Mythic Harvest +10-50% Wheat

Gain +1-6% Farming EXP

Gauss Carrot Hoe Gauss Carrot Hoe Common .. Mythic Harvest +10-50% Carrot

Gain +1-6% Farming EXP

Pythagorean Potato Hoe Pythagorean Potato Hoe Common .. Mythic Harvest +10-50% Potato

Gain +1-6% Farming EXP

Turing Sugar Cane Hoe Turing Sugar Cane Hoe Common .. Mythic Harvest +10-50% Sugar Cane

Gain +1-6% Farming EXP

Newton Nether Warts Hoe Newton Nether Warts Hoe Common .. Mythic Harvest +10-50% Nether Wart

Gain +1-6% Alchemy EXP

Vanilla Hoes

Grass.png This item is part of vanilla Minecraft. More information can be found at:
Minecraft Wiki: Hoes

All vanilla Minecraft hoes exist in SkyBlock, although because tools have unlimited durability in SkyBlock, SkyBlock alternatives are almost always better. The wooden version is used in various farming Minion recipes.

Icon Type Recipe Rarity
Wooden Hoe Wooden
Birch Wood PlankBirch Wood Plank
Golden Hoe Golden
Gold IngotGold Ingot
Stone Hoe Stone
Iron Hoe Iron
Iron IngotIron Ingot
Diamond Hoe Diamond


These are the enchantments for hoes. For more details see Enchantments.


These are the reforges for hoes. For more details see Reforging.


SkyBlock Prototype
June 11, 20190.1Wooden Hoe.png Added Vanilla Hoes.
Rookie Hoe.png Added Rookie Hoe.
Nov 6, 20200.9.11Hoe of Great Tilling.png Added Hoe of Great Tilling.
Hoe of Greater Tilling.png Added Hoe of Greater Tilling.
Fungi Cutter.png Added Fungi Cutter.
Cactus Knife.png Added Cactus Knife.
Mathematical Hoe Blueprint.png Added Mathematical Hoe Blueprint.
Euclid's Wheat Hoe.png Added Euclid's Wheat Hoe.
Gauss Carrot Hoe.png Added Gauss Carrot Hoe.
Pythagorean Potato Hoe.png Added Pythagorean Potato Hoe.
Turing Sugar Cane Hoe.png Added Turing Sugar Cane Hoe.
Newton Nether Warts Hoe.png Added Newton Nether Warts Hoe.