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Hypixel SkyBlock OST (Hypixel SkyBlock Original Soundtrack) are the soundtracks that plays in-game.

HSBOSTs includes soundtracks that plays ambient while on some islands or in boss fights.

Most of the soundtracks are composed by [YOUTUBE] ShinkoNet, with the exception of Superior Judgement, which was composed by [MVP+] SirCatcelot.

List of Soundtracks[]

Location/Island/Event Soundtracks
Soundtrack Name & YouTube Link MP3 File Location/Island/Event Notes
Ambient Caves Gunpowder Mines Ambient Caves is the first HSBOST which plays once without looping when entering the Gunpowder Mines.
Sky of Trees The Floating Islands / Forest Islands

(Recent The Park)

Abstract Ringing Wilderness
Hallow Hallow Spooky Festival Hallow Hallow plays on most SkyBlock servers whenever the Spooky Festival is active.
Let Them Eat Cake Jerry's Workshop
Dwarven Mines Dwarven Mines
Journey in the Sky Spider's Den
Light From Afar The Farming Islands
Going Even Deeper Crystal Hollows
Blockjitsu Crimson Isle Dojo
Magetown Scarleton
Fires of Fishermen Blazing Volcano
Forsaken Village Dragontail
Miniboss/Boss Fight Soundtracks
Soundtrack Name & YouTube Link MP3 File Miniboss/Boss Notes
blastin banter battle blastin banter battle is the first boss fight soundtrack. It is played during the Defend Jerry's Workshop event.
Mythic Warfare Ender Dragon
Lava Kraken Kuudra
Dungeon Soundtracks
Soundtrack Name & YouTube Link MP3 File Miniboss/Boss Notes
The Watcher The Watcher The Watcher is played when the Blood Room is opened and at least one of The Watcher's Undeads are still alive.
Superior Judgement Bonzo
Dungeon Drama Scarf, The Professor, Thorn, Livid, Sadan
Necron Doom Necron Each boss fight phase of Necron plays different part of the original soundtrack.
  • Phase 1: 0:00-0:33
  • Phase 2: 0:34-1:21
  • Phase 3: 1:22-1:45
  • Phase 4: 1:46-2:26
The Wither King The Wither King The Wither King is played in The Catacombs Master Mode Floor 7's 5th boss phase only when against the Wither King.
Removed Soundtracks
Soundtrack Name & YouTube Link MP3 File Notes
Dark and Seedy Dark and Seedy played in the Hub when Dante was elected.
Dark and Seedy (Pre-Revolt) Dark and Seedy (Pre-Revolt) played when the Uprising was in countdown.
Breathless Encounter Breathless Encounter played during the Dante Uprising Boss Fight.


  • After the Floating Islands merge (The Park update), the Sky of Trees track no longer played.
    • This was fixed in a later update.


SkyBlock Prototype
July 23, 2019Added Ambient Caves.
Oct 24, 20190.7.3Added Sky of Trees.
Added Abstract Ringing.
Added Hallow Hallow.
Nov 11, 20190.7.4Sky of Trees no longer plays in The Park.
Dec 18, 20190.7.5Added Let Them Eat Cake.
Added blastin banter battle.
July 7, 20200.8Added The Watcher.
Added Superior Judgement.
Added Dungeon Drama.
Apr 4, 2021Added Dark and Seedy.
Apr 16, 2021Added Dark and Seedy (Pre-Revolt).
Added Breathless Encounter.
Apr 30, 2021Added Dwarven Mines.
Added Journey in the Sky.
Added Necron Doom.
Added Light From Afar.
Added Mythic Warfare.
Aug 24, 2021Added Going Even Deeper.
Nov 8, 2021Sky of Trees now plays again in The Park.
Mar 1, 20220.12.3Added The Wither King.
May 1, 2022Added Magetown.
Added Blockjitsu.