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The Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki is a game encyclopedia of Hypixel SkyBlock run by the community. Since June 12th, 2019, the Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki has been written and revised by members who showed up to edit. The wiki serves as an information hub for Hypixel SkyBlock players, with evolving features and contents presented with the best accuracy and timeliness.

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Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factory

Playing by not Playing: The Chocolate Factory

When the Admins added Cookie Clicker for April fools 2022, people thought nothing more of it, even despite it's later updates and improvements. Despite this, someone on the Admin team seemed to think it was a really very good idea and ended up producing the modern iteration, the Chocolate Factory.

This was an interesting move however, given it's quite unlike almost every other aspect of SkyBlock. Whereas most goals require a long and arduous grind, the Chocolate Factory works completely AFK, requiring little more than to pop on each day and buy some upgrades. This, in many respects, is a refreshing change compared to most new updates, which often require people to all but drop what they were doing to grind out new Quests and Collections. In fact, it feels rather a lot like the roots of SkyBlock, during which many people made their money almost exclusively AFK via Minions or poultry farms.

So is this a good thing? Well for the high level players that enjoy dedicating a week or two to completing new updates completely, this slower approach may not have been all that welcome, and possibly a little frustrating. But for returning veterans and low level players, it's nice to be able to keep up with even the top players at something just by popping in to say hi every once in a while. It's also a cracking opportunity to get possibly one of the best new pieces of Farming Equipment, Zorro's Cape  Zorro's Cape, which is certainly going to go for a pretty penny once someone actually is able to unlock it. Also, who can say no to a cheeky bit of Chocolate?

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