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Flower of Truth.png

Flower of Truth

An Honest Review: The Flower of Truth

One of the most popular weapons in SkyBlock, the Flower of Truth Flower of Truth, has enjoyed consistent popularity due to its sheer versatility. It's a weapon that boasts 160 ᚏ Damage and 300 ❁ Strength, and it also exercises the privilege of not having any usage requirements whatsoever. Other weapons such as the Aspect of the Dragons Aspect of the Dragons and Livid Dagger Livid Dagger require a certain Stone Sword.png Combat Level and The Catacombs.png Catacombs Floor Completion to use, but the Flower of Truth simply doesn't have any such requirements, allowing players to use it very early on.

While its high melee damage is impressive for its price and accessibility, what makes the Flower of Truth very unique is its Ability: Heat Seeking Rose. It allows players to consume 10% of their maximum ✎ Mana to throw a rose in front of them. What makes this rose special is that it automatically seeks enemies, dealing melee damage and bouncing to another foe, up to 3 times. This already sounds powerful in itself, but it used to be even more powerful. Before the Balancing update of March 30, 2021, the Flower of Truth's ability used to benefit from melee Enchantments, including Syphon. With Syphon, it could essentially become a ranged Life Steal. Despite the synergy with Syphon and other melee enchantments being removed, the Flower of Truth is still a popular weapon to this day.

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