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The Arbitrator Committee (ArbCom) is a panel of editors who are responsible to conduct the arbitration process. Both parties will submit evidence to the committee, and the committee will decide on a result, and deputize staff members to enforce the decision. They are responsible:

  • To act as a final binding decision-maker primarily for serious conduct disputes the community has been unable to resolve;
  • To handle requests (other than self-requests) for removal of administrative tools;
  • To close extremely controversial RfCs, where there the consensus is extremely unclear.
  • To act as a alternative to consensus discussion, if it is deemed unreasonable.

Members[edit source]

The members of this committee shall consist of all current administrators, and 4 regular members. The members shall be selected via a vote. Non-admin Arbitrators should serve for 6 month terms. There shall be 3 different voting options, each for every candidate, with Yes, Not Voting, and No. All member spots shall be filled after each election, and the results should be publicly announced. Out of all the candidates, the most popular ones, would enter the committee. Popularity should be calculated with . Votes can be posted here.

The current arbitrators are:

How to start a case[edit source]

For a case to begin, a involved editor would post a message at the "ArbCom" category on the discuss pages. ArbCom then decides for which cases to hear, which requires 50% approval, and which to not. Afterwards, all the sides would be notified, and they would submit evidence to ArbCom via the thread or over discord. ArbCom would then vote, and, for a resolution to pass, would require 60-80% support, as determined at the beginning of each case, by the members, which requires a 50% approval to determine the amount of support that is necessary to complete

When posting, use this format:
Involved Parties

  • User 1
  • User 2

Reason of making this request

  • (Put reasons why a decision is needed)


  • (Insert evidence here)

Requested action

  • (Insert what you want to happen here)

Types of proceedings[edit source]

Generally, ArbCom proceedings should be in public, because that they are elected. In certain circumstances where privacy is needed, it may be held in private.

Use of Discord[edit source]

Most proceedings should be conducted through discord, with evidence posted by both parties on the wiki. There should be 3 channels. One for private conversations, for holding private proceedings, and a public channel, for most proceedings, and lastly, a private chat channel, for unrelated communication with arbitrators. For sensitive evidence, they should be DMed to an arbitrator.

Appeals[edit source]

The results of the proceedings are appealable, but only after 6-12 months have passed from the result. The exact length of time shall be decided and put with the resolution.

Bans[edit source]

Bans may be implemented by the committee as a result of a decision. The a committee has a choice to make bans non-appealable, or to a certain group or persons after a set amount of time.

When arbitrators should not vote[edit source]

Arbitrators should NEVER vote when either:

  • They have a conflict of interest with one of the involved editors and/or the incident/situation
  • Whenever as reasonable deemed by the arbitrator, themselves.
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