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This page intends to describe some aspect(s) of Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki's norms, customs, technicalities, or practices. It may reflect varying levels of consensus and vetting.

It is customary to periodically archive old discussions on a talk page when that page becomes too large. Bulky talk pages may be hard to navigate, contain obsolete discussion, or become a burden for users with slow Internet connections or computers. Notices are placed at the beginning of the talk page to inform all editors of an archive.

The general guideline is to archive when the talk page exceeds 75 KB (or 75,000 bytes), or has multiple resolved or stale discussions. However, when to archive, and what may be the optimal length for a talk page, are subjective decisions that should be adapted to each case. For example, ongoing discussions and nearby sections they reference should generally be kept intact.

The archive action should be done by a Content Moderator or an Administrator. If you want to request to archive a certain talk page, please use Administrator's Noticeboard.

How To Archive[]

For Archive Pages[]

Use {{Archived talk page}} at the top of the archived page.

In order for the Lua search function to work, the Archive pages should be sequentially indexed. The page names should be <pagename>/Archive <index> where <index> is the appropriate indexes starting from 1.

For Main Talk Page[]

On the main talk page, put {{Archives}} to link to all the archived pages. It will automatically display all the existing archived pages, even when new ones are created.

Continuing Discussions[]

If a thread has been archived prematurely, such as when it is still relevant to current work or was not concluded, unarchive it by copying it back to the talk page from the archive, and deleting it from the archive. Do not unarchive a thread that was effectively closed; instead, start a new discussion and link to the archived prior discussion.

Example Pages[]

Here are actual discussion pages on the wiki where you can study the code to see how archive pages were created.