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This page intends to describe some aspect(s) of Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki's norms, customs, technicalities, or practices. It may reflect varying levels of consensus and vetting.

Article of the Month is a short editorial piece that is shown on the main page. Each article will be displayed for at least one month. Anyone can write drafts for it!
We accept multiple drafts for each month, so you may write competing articles. Use the button below to submit drafts. Your draft should have 50-150 words in its main content. You may also discuss your ideas on our Discord, or on the Message Wall of article authors.
The staff team will run procedures for article selection and modification when one or more article is ready. Author/Co-authors will be credited.


Completed Articles[]

For Copy[]

To start a draft submission, write up your draft. Then, click the Submit Draft button and paste your submission. Press Submit to post on the talk page. Note that you have a limit of 2 unpublished drafts on the talk page.
It is recommended to use the template {{Aotm}} for article creation.


Alternatively, you can customize your article style in anyway you like. For reference, this is the base format we used:

<div class="darkTable-wrapper article-month-wrapper">
<div class="article-month-picture">
<!--An image for your article-->
<hr style="margin:0 1em"/>
<div class="article-month-slot">
<span class="mcui">
{{Slot|<!--The item you are introducing (if any)-->}}
<div class="article-month-content">
<h2 class="article-month-heading"><!--Your heading--></h2>
<!--Your content-->

Underlying Policies[]

Blurry Eye.png Achievement Unlocked: How Did You Get Here?

This part is for nerds and people who want to know the underlying procedures for Article of the Month. Staff who wish to be involved in AOTM voting should read it too.

The following policies can be further discussed with the Staff Team.

Why involve the Staff Team?
  • As AOTM can be submitted by anyone, we want to screen/improve the drafts before usage.
  • If there are multiple drafts, a way of selection should occur fairly.
  • I believe that the staff team is the right group to do this.
Deployment Procedures
  • There is no "cycle" of article deployment, meaning that an AOTM can be deployed at anytime, but it will stay for at least one month.
  • Max. 1 article (the earliest one) from each editor will be taken for voting in a month.
  • Voting will take one week. The naming of the draft (e.g. Jan 2022) will use the month of deployment.
Approval Sessions
  • There is no formal approval procedures. But, a thread must stay open for 7 days before a draft is deployed.
  • For those who want to touch the drafts, a drafting space will be open for us to view and modify articles. All staff can edit the articles, just don't start wars.
  • A vote message for each draft will be pinned, with the options of Favourite, Stay and Purge.
Approval Measures
  • Only when Favourite is over half the total votes will a draft be approved. If >1 approved drafts, the most favourited one will be used for the month.
  • If Purge is over half, the article will be removed and will not participate future approval sessions.
  • The Stay option is for "Support to give the article for a chance to participate future AOTM approval procedures, but it is not my favourite this month".
  • If a draft is unsuccessful after 6 months, it will be removed.
  • An article too similar to previous drafts without giving proper attributions to the author will be removed.
  • Word limit is suggested to be 50-200, but there is no hard limit. Editors can use any lengths depending on the content or their interest on that topic.