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A Ban is a formal prohibition of all editing privileges and interactions with the community. Such a measure is only used in extreme circumstances, and may only be implemented by the community or the Staff Team, after a discussion; Note that bans are "Per Person," not per account. This means if a banned user creates an alternate account to evade ban enforcement, they are still considered banned. Banned users are also considered ejected from the community, and hold no voting power.

Reasons for banning[]

Since bans are only used in extreme circumstances, bans should generally only be implemented under the following circumstances.

  • A severe breach of community trust, like Sockpuppetry, or abuse of user rights
  • Severe disturbance to the community
  • Long-term abuse
  • Refusal to cooperate with sanctions or the community
  • Toxicity
  • Severe vandalism
  • Harassment of community members on other wikis


A ban may only be appealed to the community or the Staff Team. The banning authority may decide how long must one wait until they may appeal.

  • A block made in enforcement of a ban is not be reversed, unless the user has been unbanned.


Normally, bans are infinite because of what led to it, but may be set to expire if needed. Note that bans are (generally) long-term, so they should not be under 3 months.


Except if valid, edits by banned users, who are in violation of a ban, may be reverted without question, regardless of the intent, quality, or placement.

  • Users who make edits for banned users may find themselves blocked as well.

Other Platforms[]

If the user is a member of any other linked organization to the wiki, a ban will follow to those other platforms. For example, if a user is a member of the wiki discord, they will be banned on top of the wiki.