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Paper.png This Page documents an Wiki Policy 
This Page is generally accepted by the community as a policy for the Wiki. Changes should reflect consensus or be approved by the Staff Team.
If you disagree with this Policy, please discuss it with the Staff Team or on its talk page.

All editors are advised to take extra precautions when adding information regarding living persons. All information must comply with both local, and United States laws, and our policies. We must get these articles right. Everything should have reliable sources, and there should be no [Citation Needed] tags. Controversial material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced—whether the material is negative, positive, neutral, or just questionable should be removed immediately and without waiting for discussion.


For a person to have an article on this wiki, they must meet at least one of the criteria below:

  1. Have an NPC, that is placed on a public island or an item, inside Hypixel SkyBlock. Both must directly mention that user.
  2. Be mentioned directly by an administrator as the primary subject, whether if that is through their official, verified twitter handle, or their YouTube channel. A mention via in-game chat does not establish notability.
  3. Have independent, reliable media coverage, and have one, or more public records that they have played SkyBlock, and the media coverage should mention Hypixel SkyBlock.

Writing Style


All BLPs shall be written in a neutral tone, with a neutral point of view. Do not label people with controversial labels, loaded language, or terms that lack precision, unless they are commonly described that way in reliable sources. Instead, use clear, direct language and let facts alone do the talking. BLPs should not have trivia sections.


All viewpoints that are presented in a BLP should be neutral, and no material shall be given more weight than others. All material must be sourced by reliable, secondary sources. Beware of claims that rely on guilt by association, and biased, malicious or overly promotional content.

Attack Pages

Pages that are unsourced and negative in tone, especially when they appear to have been created primarily to disparage the subject, should be deleted at once if there is no policy-compliant version to revert to. Non-administrators should tag them with {{Delete}}, or report them on the discord, and mentioning the "administrators" role.

Reliable Sources

All BLPs shall be sourced with an independent, reliable source, provided through inline citations. Again, All controversial material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced should be removed immediately and without discussion. Reliable sources are sources that are:

  1. Sources from reputable, well-established media outlets, either paid or free, with no significant financial or other conflicts of interest.
  2. Primary sources (Twitter/youtube/book/blog/statement) from the subject themselves. Twitter handles should be verified by Twitter, and videos should come from their main channel. Comments left by readers should never be used as a source.
  3. Sources from books published by reputable publishers, and are not self-published, except if it is published by the subject themselves, in which, it must also meet the requirements for primary sources.
  4. Academic papers that are published by reputable journals.

Reliable sources are not:

  1. Gossip
  2. Some brand-new suspicious news site
  3. Common belief
  4. Tabloid journalism
  5. A Twitter handle without a verified badge
  6. A youtube account claiming to be an alternative account of the youtube

Remember: When in doubt, don't add it!


All controversial material must be well-sourced.


If an allegation or incident is noteworthy, relevant, and well documented, it belongs in the article—even if it is negative and the subject dislikes all mention of it. But, if you cannot find multiple reliable third-party sources documenting the allegation or incident, leave it out.

Example: "John Doe had a messy divorce from Jane Doe." Is the divorce important to the article, and was it published by third-party reliable sources? If not, leave it out. If so, avoid the use of "messy" and stick to the facts: "John Doe and Jane Doe divorced."
Example: A politician is alleged to have had an affair. It is denied, but multiple major newspapers publish the allegations, and there is a public scandal. The allegation belongs in the biography, citing those sources. However, it should state only that the politician was alleged to have had the affair, not that the affair actually occurred.

If the subject has denied such allegations, their denial(s) should also be reported, while adhering to the appropriate due weight of all sources covering the subject and avoiding false balance.

If in doubt, lean on the side of caution and do not add it.


Personal information is permitted if it is published widely by reliable sources, or if it is from a primary source. All other personal information should be removed. If you see personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, account numbers, etc. anywhere, edit the page to remove it, and contact the administration team so that they can evaluate it and possibly remove it from the page history. To reduce the chances of triggering the Streisand effect, use a bland/generic edit summary and do not mention that you will be requesting RevDel.

Contacting Us Regarding This Policy

If you wish to give your opinion about this policy, or to report on inappropriate descriptions on living persons, you are recommended to directly contact us. Alternatively, you may contact Fandom staff, contact them here.