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This page intends to describe some aspect(s) of Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki's norms, customs, technicalities, or practices. It may reflect varying levels of consensus and vetting.

This page contains instructions for block appeals.

Warning: Do Not Create New Accounts
You are adviced not to create any new accounts even if you are blocked, or you may be committing Sockpuppetry, a severe policy violation.

How to Appeal[]

There are 2 main ways to appeal. The first is through discord found below, the 2nd is through a google form that can be found here

Please act quickly after a ban for a better chance of successful appeal.

  1. Join our Discord Server with the link below
  2. Go to the #🙏appeal channel
  3. Create a thread and make an appeal, as instructed in that channel
Please be reminded that this is a Wiki Discord. If you wish to join a game discord, please look for other servers.

Core Information[]

You may be blocked because:

  • You may be an innocent victim of collateral damage, where you are accidentally affected by a block of some other user.
  • Alternatively, your account or IP may have been blocked because it appears to have been responsible for (or connected to) a serious breach of policies.

To appeal a block, you, as the blocked user, is responsible to convince the administrator that:

  • The block was not necessary, meaning that the block violates our blocking policy, or that you were mistakenly blocked, or
  • The block was no longer necessary because you understood why you were blocked, and would not do it again, or
  • That your conduct, in the case of an IP block, was not responsible for the block. (Accidentally got caught in an IP block)


  1. What is a block?
A block is a technical measure, that makes an account, or an IP unable to edit. This is done to prevent that user, or IP from damaging the wiki even further.
  1. Does an "indefinite" block mean forever?
No, an indefinite block does not mean forever, it simply means however long the editor takes to address the issue.
  1. I have done nothing wrong! Why am I blocked?
VPNs and proxies are disabled due to frequent abuse, and you may be using an IP of a blocked editor. Don't worry, if you appeal, this will be resolved very quickly.
  1. It says I've been "autoblocked" because of another person whom I don't even know!
Autoblocks are blocks that are placed on IPs that a blocked editor used. In most cases, it is usually collateral damage.