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Blocking Is an action preformed by an administrator to prevent a user from making changes to the wiki. Usually, Blocking is only used on users who have misbehaved in some way. A block may be any length, depending on the situation. Blocks May be appealed on the users message wall. If the block parameter "cannot edit own talk page" is checked, the user may contact an admin on Community Central. In severe cases, A range-block may be used to block a group IPs if the vandal is using multiple IP addresses to vandalize the wiki.

A user is commonly blocked for the following reasons
Swearing Excessively in discussions
Impersonating a Staff member
Unacceptable Username
Cross-Wiki Vandal

Vandalism-Only Accounts

See Also: Vandalism-Only Accounts on Wikipedia

A Vandalism-Only account (or VoA for short) is an account which is created for only vandalizing the wiki. If found, such accounts are blocked indefinitely. They usually have suspicious usernames, which may be used to point out that the account in question is such an account.

Common Signs of a VoA account are
  • Low edit count
  • Low user age
  • Spammy/Offensive names
    • The signs above on top of vandalism.


See Also: Sock Puppetry On Wikipedia

A Sockpuppet is a user who creates multiple accounts for disruption, vandalism, spam, block evasion, vote stacking, and many other harmful actions. If found, such accounts are blocked indefinitely. Signs of sockpuppety include similar editing patterns, usernames, and/or vandalism. If you have found such accounts, Please contact an Administrator immediately. A sockmaster may also create alternate accounts prior to executing vandalism on the wiki. If a user is found of such an offense, they are usually blocked indefinitely. Exceptions are rare to this case.

Common Signs of a Sockpuppet/Sockmaster are
  • Similar Editing patterns/Vandalism
  • Similar grammar
  • Similar usernames
  • Same area of interest


An IP-Vandal is a user who uses an anonymous account to vandalize the wiki. An IP vandal is blocked Depending on how severe the vandalism it caused was. IP-vandals are rarely blocked for more than 1 year. Such vandals are given a warning if the vandalism might be a bug or a mistake. Otherwise they are blocked without warning.


Spam is any promotion of an entity, person, or thing. Such edits are considered to be vandalism, and the users involved to be blocked. A user may register with a Promotional username. Such accounts are blocked indefinitely. A vandal may also spam external links to shady sites, such vandals are also blocked indefinitely.

Edit Warring

Edit Warring Is a conflict which 2 editors have a conflict of interest and revert each other's edits.

An example
Joe wants to the article to be written in a certain way, while Jack wants it to be written in a different way. Joe makes his edit, and Joe reverts it. Joe Undoes Jack's edit, and Jack undoes Joe's and so on.

In severe cases, the editors will be blocked from editing for a time. In mild Cases, the article in the site of conflict will be locked temporarily to all users but admins, while the editors come to a consensus.

Abuse Of user Rights

Abuse Of User rights is where a user with extra privileges abuses their rights for personal gain. Such cases are very rare. In a case of such abuse, the user has their rights removed temporarily or indefinitely. They may also be blocked depending on the severity of the situation.

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