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This page intends to describe some aspect(s) of Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki's norms, customs, technicalities, or practices. It may reflect varying levels of consensus and vetting.

The badge for Code Editors.

Code Editors Are a group of users who are dedicated to help maintain the wiki's technical pages. They are responsible for working with Administrators to make sure the wiki's templates are in running order, managing The wiki's JS and CSS, and dealing with technical matters. A Administrator or Bureaucrat may grant themselves the role in order to mark themselves as a technical expert on the wiki.


Code Editors are expected to be trusworthy to edit the wiki's JS and CSS, which are very sensitive and require alot of trust to be granted access to. They are to generally required to be mature, so they can be counted upon on their own. They are expected have a good technical understanding or be good at the following fields:

  • Familiar with CSS/Templates/JS/Lua/Wikitext/Styling
  • Good with the MediaWiki API/The software itself


Code Editors have the following rights:

  • Edit Sitewide CSS/JS
  • Edit CSS/JS Pages and Gadgets
  • Edit in the MediaWiki namespace
  • Edit Protected Pages


As with the general responsibilities outlined above, they are generally responsible for technical duties.

  • Manage CSS/JS Pages
  • Maintain Modules/Templates
  • Act as technical consultants on the wiki and discord
  • Ensure security of JS/High profile pages
  • Act as part of the wiki's technical team


Since Code Editors may edit JS pages, they must have a large degree of trust and must be an Content Moderator before they are even considered for this position.

  • Already a Content Moderator
  • Good record of knowledge with technical tasks
  • Good editing skills
  • More than 300 edits
  • Good degree of activity
  • Signs of maturity and decision making abilities

For a Code Editor to be promoted, at least 2 Administrators or 3 Code Editors must endorse the request.