60px-Edit-copy_green.svg.png This Page Documents an Official Wiki Policy.
This Page is generally accepted by the community as a guideline for the wiki.
If you Disagree with this Policy, Please Discuss it with an Administrator or on its talk page.
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Comments are a place on the wiki where you can share your opinion with other editors. It is important to be civil and respect others in the comments. These rules are in place to keep the comments section clean, organized, and friendly.


  1. Swearing in any form is disallowed.
    Any type of swearing is likely to be caught by the Abuse Filter resulting in a block.
  2. Civility is expected.
    It is important to be civil in comments when communicating with other editors. If someone has shown uncivil behavior, they will be blocked.
  3. Advertising in any form is disallowed.
    Any form of advertising, regardless of whether it involves the Auction House or Private Island visits, are not tolerated and will result in a block.
  4. Toxicity in any form is not tolerated. Any type of toxicity is disallowed, and will result in a block. If a user has shown repeated toxicity toward other editors, they may be banned from the wiki.
  5. Maturity is expected.
    While immaturity is not punishable, it is expected that when commenting, a decent level of maturity is expected. Signs of repeated immaturity may result in a block on grounds of underage users.
  6. Personal Attacks in ANY form are disallowed.
    Personal attacks in any form are disallowed and will result in a block. Repeated personal attacks will result in a long block or ban.
  7. No hate speech, racism, or discrimination of any type of group.
    Not only is it wrong to say such things, Such a offense will result in a instant long or infinite block. No type of language in this form is allowed WHAT SO EVER.
  8. Keep conversations On topic.
    Try to keep conversations on topic. It is disruptive to comment on something that is off topic. Repeated off-topic conversations can result in a block.
  9. Disruption in any way is not tolerated.
    Any type of disruption such as disruptive messages, spam, vandalism, will result in an instant block.
  10. Keep things PG-13.
    Any discussions over PG-13 will result in a long or usually infinite block. Please keep in mind readers can be as young as 10 years old.
  11. Repeated Breaches of these rules will result in long or infinite blocks.
    Repeated breaches of these guidelines will result in longer and longer blocks and eventually a ban from the wiki.
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