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Content guidelines are general rules and advice for the content of articles that concern the game SkyBlock from Hypixel. These have been discussed with the Wiki staff team to reach a consensus.

Auction house price

The price of items on the Auction House should not be included in the article.

While the information is generally useful as auctioning is one of the main money-making methods in-game, adding the price to the article also makes it more prone to micro edits that put minute changes on the price to the editor's personal experience of auctioning or buying the item. Content on the wiki should be truthful, factual and definitive.

Instead of reporting a fixed price or a range of prices, the article can include information about the history or the general trend of the pricing and why it has changed.

Auction House pricing should be reported and included when there's an implementation that would report on the data provided by the Hypixel API and remove outliers to reliably convey the price over time.


Exploits are not to be included in the Bugs, Glitches and Exploits page if either:

  1. The exploit is not generally known in the public. There are cited forum posts on the Hypixel Forums about it that are not removed by the Hypixel staff team.
  2. The exploit is not patched and is confirmed by the Hypixel Development team.

This isn't a matter of following Hypixel rules, as the wiki is not afflicted with Hypixel, but rather to reduce the Wiki's involvement in the game. Publicized information of unreported exploits can be harmful to the person who posted the information, the people who found the article and abuses such glitch in-game, and the developers of the game who has to minimize the spread of the abuse.