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Deletion is a MediaWiki tool that allows Content Moderators and Administrators to hide a page from public view. When a page is deleted, it can be restored at any time. Sometimes if a page does not meet certain requirements or does not belong on the wiki, it needs to be deleted. Content Moderators and Administrators have deletion permissions. All other users can mark a page for deletion by adding {{delete|<reason for deletion>}} to a page. It is highly recommended that you discuss the necessity with the community before deleting the page.

Procedures for deletion

A Content Moderator or Administrator may delete a page provided that it meets the deletion criteria. If the article is large or the template/module widely used, it is recommended to request for comment on the page's talk page. Note that this is not required for articles if it is an emergency.


See Also: Wikipedia's Criteria for deletion

A page is deleted when it meets the following criteria below, or is considered not fit for the wiki by a wiki staff member.

Vanilla items

Any item that exists in Vanilla Minecraft should not be added as a page. The only exceptions are items that have a SkyBlock related purpose. One example of this is the page for Prismarine Shard. Because this item can be used in SkyBlock specific recipes (Guardian Chestplate for example), they require their own page. An example of a page that was deleted because it has no SkyBlock related purpose was Nether Brick Stairs.

Grouped items

Some items have been grouped into individual pages because they are very similar in how they act and the content on them is relatively small. For example, all of the pickaxes in the game have been merged into the Pickaxe page. This includes Vanilla and SkyBlock ones. If the page Wooden Pickaxe was created, it would be a candidate for deletion due to it existing in a grouped page. Some exceptions to this rule are items with significant information on them, like Accessories, or Armor sets. A redirect should be left to prevent confusion.


If an item does not exist in-game, it should be deleted. An example of a page that was deleted since it had no SkyBlock related purpose was Elytra. SkyBlock runs in 1.8.9 meaning that the Elytra does not exist in-game, and is not obtainable.

Spam articles

Many vandals intentionally create articles with no other purpose than to misdirect, disinform, and offend or attack other users. Such articles are monitored by the wiki's abuse filter. These should be deleted on sight.

  • Note these types of article should also be create-protected. See This section and the Protection Policy for further information on create-protecting.

Duplicate articles

Sometimes somebody creates a duplicate article, not knowing that it already exists. If the information on that page is unique, it can be moved to the main one, and then deleted. To prevent confusion in the future, a redirect should be left.


Tutorials are to belong under the Tutorials as a subpage. If a tutorial is unnecessary or unneeded, it should be deleted, or at least rewritten. Sometimes duplicate tutorial articles arise. In this case, info should be merged into the original article and the newer deleted.


A Hoax is an article created only masquerade as the truth. Such articles are usually very close to the truth. Such articles are to be deleted on sight, and the authors blocked.

Author request

An author of a page might decide that the page they created is not necessary for the wiki, and wants the page deleted. Such requests are almost always honored, unless the page in question is deemed useful by the contacted wiki staff member.

Deprecated/Unused Templates/files

When a file or template is superseded, or is unused, it will likely be marked with a {{Delete}} tag. In the case of where deletion is favored, the action will be preformed.

How to mark a page for deletion

If you do not have the necessary permissions to delete a page, you should leave a link and a reason in the deletion channel on the wiki discord. If you do not have access to it, you can also leave a message on their wall. Another option would be to add the {{delete}} template to a page by selecting Insert -> Template -> and searching for "delete". You can then add the template at the top of the page, double click the template, and add a reason in the box. If you use Classic editor or Source editor, you can type {{delete}} to automatically add the template. This also works in Visual editor.

How to protect a page from creation

If you are a Content Moderator or above, you should have a Power Delete option in the Edit Page drop-down menu. You can select this option to delete this page and fill in the boxes to customize the protection level, reason, and expiry time.

  • This feature is the PowerDelete script. See the script page on the FANDOM Developers wiki for more information.