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Thanks for showing interest for our Wiki Discord! The Wiki Discord is a place to report wiki vandalisms or large mistakes you may not be sure how to fix, appeal a ban, ask questions about editing, discuss new ideas, provide suggestions about the wiki, and generally a great place to chat with other editors. Everyone is welcome to join Wiki Discord.

We encourage you to look at the other servers before joining the Wiki Discord, as our Discord is not for game help. We stress that this is not a channel to contact Hypixel Staff or Admins, as we are not affiliated with Hypixel.

The Wiki Discord is linked at the bottom of the page, scroll down to find it.

Other SkyBlock Discords

If you need in-game help, wish to trade, or wish to know item prices, the Wiki Discord is not the place - please see the table below for alternatives. These Discord servers are not monitored or affiliated with the wiki, but can be good places to talk with other players and seek in-game help.

Wiki Discord

Please read before joining:

  • We stress that:
    • The wiki discord is not for asking for game help unless related to editing. However, discussions do not have to remain purely on wiki topic.
    • This is not a channel to contact Hypixel Staff or Admins, as we are not affiliated with Hypixel.
  • Other points to note:
    • Please read #rules before chatting. They are similar to the Article Comment Guidelines.
    • Joining the wiki discord is the best way to appeal a block. You can either appeal it in the #appeal channel (preferred) or Direct Messaging the admin who blocked you. When appealing a block, please include your Username/IP or your Block ID in the appeal message.

Welcome in!

Please be reminded that this is a Wiki Discord. If you wish to join a game discord, please look for other servers.