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This Page is generally accepted by the community as a policy for the Wiki. Changes should reflect consensus or be approved by the Staff Team.
If you disagree with this Policy, please discuss it with the Staff Team or on its talk page.
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Userpages are very personal spaces on this wiki. They represent the person who made them, and what they are. Thus, all users that are not the owners of the page are disallowed from editing it unless they are wiki staff and have a clear reason too. These are the following guidelines for editing userpages. Users may choose to have an open userpage by placing {{Unlocked userpage}} on pages.


Don't do the following to other’s userpages:
  • Vandalize the page.
  • Change the page's content in any way, shape, or form.
  • Making the page look "Better" from your point of view
  • Mistaking userpages for talk pages



Userpages are protected by the Abuse Filter, disallowing all users that are not wiki staff from editing them.

Requesting Protection

If you would like a page to be protected, place {{Request Protection}} on the page to be protected, as well as the parameters.