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Glitched Items are items which are obtained through means that were not meant to be obtainable by the developers of SkyBlock.

UI items[]

Should be covered on UI Items page, unless can be grouped into a certain category. If that's the case, such an item should be covered on a subpage. Example: UI Items/Barrier.

Should only be covered if such an item is known to exist in a possession of players with a reliable proof.

"Unrevertable" items[]

Includes auctionable glitched and discontinued items.

Generally, all such items should be covered in a separate article (example: Bedrock, Banner, Spawn Egg, End Portal Frame).

If a simular glitched item article exists that the item can be merged into, a separate article isn't needed. Example: Null (there shouldn't be unique article for each null type out there), Spawn Villager (a villager spawn egg, should be covered in Spawn Egg), Player Head (it would be silly to create a brand new page for each of those...).

If an item can be merged into a non-glitched item article, it should be covered there. Example: Carrots (a wrongly named Carrot).

Old lore items[]

Shouldn't be covered in a separate article.

Bugs, Glitches, Exploits[]

Should generally be covered on Bugs, Glitches and Exploits

The more bigger and notable exploits may get an article.