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A good article, or GA for short, is an article that meets a set of standards, which are known as Good Article Criteria, which means that the page is well written.

A plus sign is added to the page's top to signify that it is a good article. To nominate a good article, you must go to its talk page and insert the {{GAN}} Template with your signature in a new section, which signifies that the page is requesting a good article review. Sooner or later, a user will come by and review the article by the criteria below.

See Category:GA for all articles with the "Good Article" status.

Good Articles

GA Criteria

The criteria for a GA is as followed:

Immediate Failure

If a reviewer determines that there is active edit warring, or if the page in question is far from meeting the requirements, they may immediately fail the GA nomination.

Good Article Criteria

A good article is an article that is:

  1. Well written:
    The prose is clear, concise, and understandable to an appropriately broad audience; spelling and grammar are correct, and it complies with the manual of style guidelines.
  2. Verifiable:
    If the reviewer, in good faith, finds errors on the page, they must be corrected before the nomination may proceed.
  3. Neutral:
    The article does not give undue weight to one viewpoint; however, if the information is commonly accepted, it may remain.
  4. Illustrated:
    There should be appropriate images in the article, to illustrate the item, the NPC, etc in question. This may be in the form of UIs and other visually expressive items, such as templates.

What cannot be a GA

Lists and Disambiguation pages cannot be GAs.


Any user may request a reassessment of a GA by following the same procedures as nominating one, except, stating that they would like to remove the GA status of an article.

Featured Articles

Instead of Featured Articles, this wiki has a project called Article of the Month. Unlike Featured Articles, AOTMs do not need to be Good Articles before being submitted. In fact, AOTMs generally don't exist on the wiki prior to their submission.