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This page intends to describe some aspect(s) of Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki's norms, customs, technicalities, or practices. It may reflect varying levels of consensus and vetting.

General important guideline: If a wiki founder consider to abandon a language wiki with no other active bureaucrats, we strongly suggest contacting our International Representative for necessary actions. This is very important for the wiki's continuity.

The Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki has support for editors from different communities. An international wiki will not be in direct management of the English wiki, but we offer the best quality help for all language communities.

Our Discord server has dedicated channels to ask questions about international wikis. There we also offer different tips and tricks for wiki translators. Alternatively, you may go to the Message Wall of our representative for questions.

  Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki Languages

This wiki is available in 8 other language versions. All of them are listed below. Help improve these wikis!


The current representative for international wikis is: User:MonkeysHK
Contact the representative: Discord, Message Wall

The International Representative is a staff member of the English wiki that is capable of resolving technical problems and handling requests for your international wikis. This person will manage most things about the international wikis.

What the representative does
  • If the representative has the Administrator user right on a wiki, they will update the scripts and styling on that wiki when they are updated on the English wiki, in the condition that members of the community allow it. Current participating wikis are: ko, zh
  • The representative has to respond to inquiries and requests from translators and staff
  • If the representative has the Bureaucrat user right on a wiki, in the case that a wiki gone inactive, the representative is required to maintain the wiki for its continuity, including promoting new staff to manage the wiki
  • The representative otherwise has no rights in dealing with the matters on international wikis (these are left for the respective community and staff team)

Editing an Existing Language Wiki[]

You can check whether a wiki is active by going to Special:RecentChanges?hidebots=1&limit=5000&days=30&enhanced=1&urlversion=2 for on that wiki. You can see if administrators are active on a wiki by going to Special:ListUsers/sysop.

Active Wikis[]

For wikis with Active Management, you can directly go in and edit and work with the respective community to deliver the best content to your respective audience. When you start, it is suggested that you translate all the main pages (pages that are linked on the top navigation) as a priority.

If you wish to be involved further, given they have an active staff team, you may go and request to join their staff team once you have a good amount of edits and shown your dedication and skill in wiki editing.

Inactive Wikis[]

Unfortunately, some wikis have gone inactive. If the wiki exists, you can still edit the wiki, but it will be impossible to ask for change in site styling, themes and scripts. In the case that no administrators have been active for over 60 days, we highly recommend you to Adopt the Wiki to access full features to improve the wiki (See Help:Adoption). Note that different language can have different requirement for adoption. Please contact us to help you with the adoption process.


These userboxes are for translators. Note that you have to be active in the respective community and positions to use the infoboxes, or we can remove it.

Wiki-translator.pngThis user translates for the Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki.

Wiki-translator-staff.pngThis user is a |1={{Sr|<your role(s)>}} on the |lang=<your lang code>.

{{Userbox/Translator Staff|<role>|<lang>}}

Opening a Language Community[]

If you did not find your community in Project:Internationalization, you can request us to create a new language wiki for you.

In the old procedure (Choice 2), a translator need to go ahead and create their own wikis, even if they may not be interested in dealing with all the technicalities. Some wikis may be inactive and must go through adoption to sustain its maintenance. The new procedure (Choice 1) is intended to provide minimal barrier for entry and to ensure a wiki to be sustainable.

Procedure Choice 1 (Representative sets up everything, adds you to top rank)
  1. Tell us your intention for opening a new wiki on our Discord server, or on the Message Wall of our Representative
  2. Our Representative will open/reopen the language wiki. Since the representative already have the top user right, they will be able to import all the site stylings, theme, important templates and scripts to your wiki
  3. Our Representative will make the requester as a Bureaucrat and Administrator. The requester will interact with their community and grow the wiki at a leading position
  4. Our Representative will request the wiki to be interlanguage-linked with all other language wikis (this may take some time). After that, they will link your wiki on the English main page
Procedure Choice 2 (You create the wiki, you choose to appoint the representative)

We highly recommend you follow the procedure above for maximum support, but you have the choice to follow the old procedure as stated below:

  1. Create a wiki on your respective language using Special:CreateNewWiki. If it says the wiki is closed, you can contact the office to reopen it (Related thread)
  2. Tell us you have opened a new wiki on our Discord server, or on the Message Wall of our Representative
  3. Our Representative will request to request the wiki to be language-linked with all other language wikis. After that, they will link your wiki on the English main page
  4. Additionally, you can choose to appoint our Representative with user right of Administrator (or above) if you wish to receive long-term support for your scripts and styling

Reopening a Language Community[]

Generally, reopening a language community has to be requested. If you have been told that a language wiki is closed, and you wish to contribute thereafter, please follow the procedure below.

Choice 1

Tell us your intention for reopening a new wiki on our Discord server, or on the Message Wall of our Representative. The representative will make your request and follow up accordingly.

Choice 2

Use Fandom Support to make your request. Generally, your request will be accepted if your reasons are strong enough, but we cannot guarantee success.