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This Page covers the guidelines for message boxes on the wiki. There are Many types of message boxes, like Stubs, Deletion Notices, and Move suggestions.

Deletion[edit source]

Regular Users may mark an article for deletion with {{delete}}. This will add the page to the category: Candidates for deletion. This category is routinely checked by wiki staff for new pages. Please be aware that when an article is deleted, it is usually not restored without good reason.

Edits[edit source]

If you want to let other users know you are editing a page, and you dont want anyone else editing it, Use
{{In use}}. It marks the page as in use, and will let others know the page is being edited.

  • If you are done editing the page but still want to mark it as WIP, you can use {{Under construction}}.

Moves[edit source]

If you want to suggest a page move, Use {{Move}}. This will also add the page the category: Pages pending renames. If you are an anonymous user, you can use this template to suggest a move. But please be sure to provide a proper reason to move the page to the suggested title, as any nonsense requests will be ignored.

  • Wiki Staff May also use {{Pending Move}} to mark a page as pending a rename.

Protection[edit source]

If you want to request page protection, use {{Request Protection}}. This will mark a page as pending page protection. This will also prompt a discussion for protection by regular users. A wiki staff member with the rank of
Content Moderator or higher may revoke the discussion at any time.

In-Game content[edit source]

Uses May add a Content message box to a page to notify readers of any clauses/notes in-game. Examples Include {{Vanilla}}, a template used to notify the reader that this item is part of the vanilla game. Another example is {{Scam-prone}}, Used to notify the reader that the item is commonly scam-substiuted in-game.

List of In-game Notices[edit source]

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