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Welcome. This is a set of module manipulation guidelines for various types of new data to be stored.

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In order to make the editing experience less repetitive, the Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki relies heavily on Lua Modules to store and process data. Many core mechanics and game features are processed with modules. When new contents are added to the game, some of the new information must be added to these modules in order for certain templates to function. This guideline will explain necessary module manipulation for new game content.

It is of crucial importance to update pages listed on this page when SkyBlock updates drops. You can revisit this page when errors like Invalid ID happens.

Data and Aliases Pages[]

Lua Modules that processes data usually have a Data Subpage. A data subpage usually stores all the data in a table with entries as keys:

	['data_key1'] = { data... },
	['data_key2'] = { data... },

The level of complexity of the data varies, and data in the same table always share a syntax of input in order to be processed correctly. The syntax can be observed with the module documentation (if any) and precedent inputs.

Aliases Subpage is a simple table that translates inputs into data keys that can be used to access data in the Data Subpage. It provides support for

	['Alias_one'] = 'data_key1',
	['Alias_two'] = 'data_key1',
	['data_key1'] = 'data_key1',
	['Alias_three'] = 'data_key2',
	['data_key2'] = 'data_key2',

It is always a good practice to add aliases if that subpage exists as some module requires aliases to be present in order to function.

Various Data Types[]

The following data types have their dedicated subpages for data entry. If data is not put in correctly, some templates might fail to show the desired results.

Adding Stats
Stat Data Subpage Module:Statname/Data
Stat Aliases Subpage Module:Statname/Aliases
Adding Minions
Minion Data Subpage Module:Minion/Data
Minion Aliases Subpage Module:Minion/Aliases
Minion Skins Subpage Module:Minion/Skins
Adding Pets
Pet Data Subpage Module:Pet/Data
Pet Aliases Subpage Module:Pet/Aliases
Pet Skins Subpage Module:Pet/Skins
Adding Enchantments
Ench't Data Subpage Module:Enchantment/Data
Ench't Aliases Subpage Module:Enchantment/Aliases
When an enchantment exists in the pages above, it can then be added to Enchantments/TOC and Enchantments/List_of_Enchantments.
When an ultimate enchantment exists in the pages above, it can then be added to Ultimate_Enchantments#List_of_Ultimate_Enchantments.
Adding Potions
Potion Data Subpage Module:Potion/Data
Potion Aliases Subpage Module:Potion/Aliases
When a potion exists in the pages above, it can then be added to Potions/TOC, Potions/Brewable Potions or Potions#List of Potions.
Adding Sprite Images for Mobs, NPCs and Locations
Mob Sprites Subpage Module:Mob/Sprites
Mob Aliases Subpage Module:Mob/Aliases
NPC Sprites Subpage Module:NPC/Sprites
NPC Aliases Subpage Module:NPC/Aliases
Location Sprites Subpage Module:Location/Sprites
Location Aliases Subpage Module:Location/Aliases
The word 'sprite' refers to a small 64x64 image. Only when one sprite is uploaded, its corresponding entry needs to be added to the pages above.
Sprite images are uploaded with the file name of (Something) Sprite.png.
Consider redirecting to existing sprite images first. Here is how sprites are generated: HSW:Resources#Heads.2C_Sprites_and_Texture_IDs.
Adding SkyBlock Locations or Areas
Zone Data Subpage Module:Zone/Data
Zone Aliases Subpage Module:Zone/Data
Minimap Data Subpage Module:Minimap/Data
Minimap Aliases Subpage Module:Minimap/Data
Adding Reforges
Reforge Data Subpage Module:Reforge/Data
Armor and Weapons Data are in maintenance, please ignore these two ↓
Adding Data for Armor
Armor Data Subpage Module:Armor/Data
Adding Data for Weapons
Weapon Data Subpage Module:Weapon/Data
Weapon Aliases Subpage Module:Weapon/Aliases


In order for a tooltip to be accessed everywhere with {{Slot|<name>}}, an entry must be added in one of a few ways.

Adding Data for Item Slots
Tooltips Subpage Module:Inventory slot/Tooltips - This is the main module that is used to put in tooltips in full form. To get the tooltip from in-game efficiently, a useful tool to use is Wikitools.
Templates Subpage Module:Inventory slot/Templates - This is the module that ties different names to using the same 'tooltip templates', sometimes with variables. A tooltip template is defined in the Tooltips Subpage like any other tooltips, but conventionally with T: in front. This is useful when a large number of items have the same/similar tooltip.
Item Variants Module:Item/Variants - This is the module that defines names that refers to multiple items. For example All Fence Gates refers to all six fence gate variants. These names can then be used to show animated slots or image using {{Slot}} or {{Animate}}.
Aliases Subpage Module:Inventory slot/Aliases - This module should not be considered for adding tooltips. It is reserved for adding tooltips with unsupported parameters.