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Paper Nuavo.png This Page documents an Wiki Policy 
This Page is generally accepted by the community as a policy for the Wiki. Changes should reflect consensus or be approved by the Staff Team.
If you disagree with this Policy, please discuss it with the Staff Team or on its talk page.

Do not make personal attacks on this wiki. Personal attacks are not constructive to the project, and therefore, will be removed, and the editor will be subject to blocks or sanctions. Comment on content, not the contributors. Personal attacks may be removed by any editor.

What are Considered as Personal Attacks[]

There is no rule that is objective and not open to interpretation on what constitutes a personal attack as opposed to constructive discussion, but some types of comments are never acceptable:

  • Abusive, defamatory, or derogatory phrases based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religious or political beliefs, disabilities, ethnicity, nationality, etc. directed against another editor or a group of editors. Disagreement over what constitutes a religion, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or ethnicity is not a legitimate excuse.
  • Linking to external attacks, harassment, or other material, for the purpose of attacking another editor.
  • Comparing editors to Nazis, communists, terrorists, dictators, or other infamous persons or groups.
  • General rude/immature behavior
  • Accusations about personal behavior that lack evidence. Serious accusations require serious evidence, usually in the form of diffs and links.
  • Threats, including:
    • Legal threats
    • Threats of violence
    • Outing other editors (Commonly known as doxing). For confidential information, please directly contact the staff team, or one of the Administrators.

These examples are not exhaustive. Insulting or disparaging an editor is a personal attack regardless of the manner in which it is done. When in doubt, comment on the article's content without referring to its contributor at all.

Responding to Personal Attacks[]

First Incidents[]

One of the best way is to simply remove their post and privately report it to an Administrator on Discord. Alternatively, if you cannot remove the post, please contact a Discussions Moderator or Administrator to remove it. This usually ends the situation. If it does not, see below.

Responding to Recurring Attacks[]

Recurring attacks should be removed and reported to an Administrator. The Administrator may then block the offending user, to prevent any further attacks.

Removal of Personal Information[]

In incidents where your personal information have been published here, please immediately contact a Administrator, and the Administrators will contact fandom staff for the permanent removal of the information.

Off-wiki attacks[]

We cannot control what happens off-wiki, therefore, we cannot help too much. If you believe you are in danger, please contact your local law enforcement.