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This page outlines the guidelines for requesting user rights on the wiki, and the staff duties and permissions in detail.

Staff Requests


You may post a request to be staff on the talk page, or by clicking the Submit a Request button.

When you post a request for user rights, Please be sure it includes the following:

  • The rank you are requesting, can be the following: Rollback, Discussions Moderator, Content Moderator, Code Editor, Administrator, Bureaucrat
  • The reason why you are requesting the user rights in question.
  • An explanation on why you think you are fit for the rights (if no reason is provided, the reviewing Bureaucrat/Administrator will look at the requirements listed here and determine whether you are fit for the requested rights, your request is far less likely to be accepted if you don't provide a reason).
    • Keep in mind that while maturity and overall good behavior are essential for obtaining a rank on the Wiki, you must also show that you need and will use the tools that come with the requested user group (e.g: when applying for Discussions Moderator link to counter-disruption efforts done by you, such as reporting users to the Administrator's Noticeboard)
    • Please read the guidelines below to make sure you qualify for the requested rank before posting a request!
      Repeated posting of requests in a short period of time even after request rejection will result in a block/ban from requesting to be staff for a period of time

General Expectations

Wiki staff members are considered trusted, and are expected to behave in a mature and kind way to other users.

  • They also may edit other's userpages in accordance with the userpage editing policy. If any wiki staff member is suspected of abusing their user rights, those rights will be revoked once a consensus is found.
  • A large breach of community trust or conduct such as Sockpuppetry will likely result in a swift ban by a Bureaucrat.

Full Introductions

Notes on Abuse Filter Bypass
  1. Users with Abuse Filter Bypass have the same "technical rights" as Rollback, but such rights are subject to expiry of the Bypass.
  2. Users with Abuse Filter Bypass are not considered staff members. They do not have staff-colored usernames.
  3. Users with Abuse Filter Bypass can apply for staff ranks, including Rollback. Procedures will be held without preferential treatment towards users with or without the Bypass.


This rank is an entry-point level staff user group. It grants the Rollback right, the right to quickly revert all edits by a given user to the last version before it.

Users with rollback rights also have the following technical rights:

  • Move pages without leaving redirects
  • Move Files
  • Autopatrol their edits

The descriptions below (from this line onwards) do not apply to users with Abuse Filter Bypass.

As Rollbacks are considered wiki staff, they have the ability to edit others user pages in accordance with the userpage editing policy. They are also exempt from most abuse filters. Optionally, they can opt in for moderating edits on RecentChanges.


  • A fair number of helpful edits (usually more than 75 edits). This shows you're interested in helping the wiki.
  • Active - likely at least a month to show you're sticking around (assuming you've been making useful edits during that time).
  • Good intentions - The user in question does not have a history of vandalism or similar negative actions, or has shown they want to make up for it.
    • As with any other staff rank, maturity and overall good behavior are expected.
  • Although not necessary, having a history of counter-vandalism efforts increases your chance of getting accepted. This shows that you need the tools granted by Rollback and will use them.

Discussions Moderator

This rank is a general staff user group for managing social activities on the wiki. Before requesting this rank, please be sure you are familiar with the Discussion guidelines and Comment guidelines.

Users with discussion moderator rights also have the following rights:

  • Removing and restoring threads and replies by any user
  • Closing and reopening threads
  • Manage Forum boards, and move threads from one board to another.
  • Deleting blog comments
  • Editing and deleting article comments
  • Moderating the Discussions feature, if enabled (Which is currently enabled on this wiki).
  • Moderating talk pages


  • History of constructive/helpful posts, things such as blog posts, silly comments, troll edits, etc won't count.
  • Having a history of reporting bad posts to the Administrator's Noticeboard and moderating Social Activity greatly increases your chances.
  • Good degree of maturity and judgement skills
  • Currently actively participating in comments/discussions/message walls, and having been around for at least a month, to show your sticking around.
  • While not a requirement, good writing skills help your chances.
  • A fair number of constructive posts/comments (depends on the user, usually around 750+, this metric is not the entire reason users are promoted to this role).
  • Ability to properly communicate with other users

Content Moderator

Before requesting this rank, please be sure you are familiar with the Deletion Policy and the Protection policy.

Users with content moderator rights also have the following rights:

  • Editing and moving fully protected pages (which includes the ability to edit the main page and its various transclusions)
  • Deleting and restoring pages and files
  • Managing content models of pages
  • Editing and moving protected files
  • Rollback
  • Rename files
  • Protecting and un-protecting pages
  • Moderating edits and making sure they comply with the MOS and maintain proper quality (which includes warning users, acting on this responsibility varies between each Content Moderator, some choose to do it more than others, and is not required to be done).


  • Good grammar/writing skills
  • A good number of helpful edits, this does not include category edits (usually 400+, depends on the edit quality and how much they are helpful)
  • While not a requirement, having Wikitext/JS/CSS/Lua/HTML abilities greatly increases your chances.
  • A fair degree of maturity
  • Ability to properly communicate with other users (This is mainly used while discussing big article changes, and discussing warnings with other users, some Content Moderators may choose not to do).
  • History of good/helpful/constructive edits, things such as silly, nonsense, disruptive, or unneeded edits don't count.
  • History of moderating new pages, and reporting those that are unnecessary.
    • As such cases aren't common on this Wiki, it is recommended to at least link to other counter-disruption efforts done by you when applying for the rank, such as reporting vandals to the Administrator's Noticeboard, deleting comments & replies, reporting posts/comments, etc.
  • A fair period of activity to show you're sticking around (usually 1 month+, but exceptions are made if the user has exceptional abilities)

Code Editor

A Code Editor an active user with a large degree of technical expertise that is responsible for maintaining the wiki's templates, modules, System messages, CSS and JS pages, and gadgets. They are considerably more trusted than Content Moderators because they may modify sitewite JS. This rank is considered a stepping stone to Administrator for technically experienced users.

Users with code editor rights also have the following rights:

  • Manage CSS/JS Pages
  • Maintain Modules/Templates
  • Act as technical consultants on the wiki and discord
  • Ensure security of JS/High profile pages
  • Act as part of the wiki's technical team


  • Already a Content Moderator
  • Good record of knowledge with technical tasks (Which includes MediaWiki knowladge in general, also counts wikitext/CSS/JS/Lua/HTML skills)
  • Good editing skills
  • More than 300 edits
  • Good degree of activity
  • Signs of maturity and decision making abilities

For a Code Editor to be promoted, at least 2 Administrators or 3 Code Editors must endorse the request.


An Administrator is a very highly trusted user who has the technical ability to do most actions on the wiki. Administrators are only appointed when a user has been around for a long time, and has had experience with being a staff member. They are considered guides for the community, and are supposed to solve most disputes on the wiki.

Users with administrator rights also have the following rights:

  • All rights of both Content Moderator and Discussions Moderator user groups
  • Edit MediaWiki pages
  • Block/Unblock other users and themselves
  • Manage Abuse filters
  • View private Abuse filters
  • View details of Abuse Logs
  • Edit the communities skin and format
  • Add and remove the Discussions Moderator user group.
    • Beside technical rights, they also are responsible for helping out other users, settling disputes, and acting as guides for the community.


Before requesting this rank, please be sure you are familiar with the Blocking Policy, Deletion Policy and the Protection policy.

  • Already a Moderator (Content Moderator or Discussions Moderator) or Code Editor.
  • An active interest in helping out the wiki, such as reporting vandalism, properly using the tools granted.
  • Signs of maturity, impartial/unbiased judgement, kindness, willingness to help.
  • Not a requirement, but will help in the application for admin, already being a staff member on another wiki.
  • Not a requirement, but it is optimal that an upcoming admin has community support.
  • An admin's main role on a wiki is to block vandals, settle disputes between users, and be helpful to the community.
    • Therefore, showing great interest in related activites, such as reporting vandals/disruptive users is key.
  • Note: It is a very large jump, going from a Moderator to an Admin, if you are technically experienced, it is recommended to go for Code Editor first.
  • At least 1 month tenure on the wiki as an active editor and good relations with most of the community and staff team. This is so the up and coming candidate knows the community well.

Helpful Links:

Note that all current active administrators must have at least an 80% majority on whether the user in question is eligible for admin-ship.


Bureaucrats are exceptionally trusted users who have shown prodigious skill with Administrator tools, or have been around for a long time and the community/staff team thinks they deserve it. They are responsible for keeping a wiki in running order, and general management duties on top of Administrator duties (described above). They may also ban users at will in reference to the Banning policy.

Users with bureaucrat rights also have the following rights:

Note that all active bureaucrats must agree on any new bureaucrats.

Staff Userboxes

These userboxes are staff-only. Staff can use different userboxes of their positions. Users are forbidden to use userboxes unrelated to their roles on the wiki.

Wiki-rollback.pngThis user is a Rollback on the Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki.

Wiki-disc-mod.pngThis user is a Discussions Moderator on Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

{{Userbox/Discussion Moderator}}
Wiki-mod.pngThis user is a Content Moderator on the Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

{{Userbox/Content Moderator}}
Code Editor.pngThis user is a Code Editor on the Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki.

{{Userbox/Code Editor}}
Admin-logo.pngThis user is an Administrator on the Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki.

Wiki-Update.pngThis user is a Bureaucrat on the Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki.


Staff Tools

Additional staff tools arranged by this wiki are granted to each staff member based on their role. The script for granting such tools is MediaWiki:Gadget-RoleScripts.js.

Staff ToolAutoconfirmed
(No Staff Role Required)
Discussions Moderator
Content Moderator
Code Editor
Staff Tagger
AdminDashboard JS-Button
AdminDashboard block

Other Criteria

The following criteria increase your chance of becoming a staff member on the wiki. Generally, the reviewing Bureaucrat/Administrator is looking for these qualities when reviewing an application. They are not required, but do help the application process.

  • Signs of maturity, kind temperament, patience, and impartial judgement
  • Already a staff member on another wiki, with a good/clean record of proper actions
  • No signs of vandalizing another wiki while pretending to be a clean person on another (being "two-faced")
  • Skill in technical tasks (Coding (CSS, JS, Lua, HTML)), Abuse Filters, Regular Expressions (used for Filters and the Title blacklist))
  • Good Knowledge of MediaWiki in general (How to block ranges, etc...)
  • Helping staff deal with issues on the wiki (Solving disputes, etc...)
  • Appears to know how to behave on a wiki in general