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External resources are crucial to this wiki's editing workflow, as most of the graphics of this wiki rely on these tools to be created. These tools can also assist in-game item menus and tooltip information parsing.

This guideline consists of useful information regarding external tools for wiki-related content. The most useful tools are listed and updated on this page for the convenience of editors.

Editors can now access useful tools on the new integrated platform: Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki Tools

List of All External Tools

NBT, Tooltip and UI Data


Note: This tool is is actively maintained at the moment.

Wikitools Mod 2+ (Download LinkGitHub) - A mod that lets you render any entity (mob, player, NPC, item, anything) with a single click of a button. Wikitools is useful in many ways, and will be generally described here.


Entity/Armor Set Render

  • M (when facing an entity) - copies the entity you are looking at to memory; it can then be viewed inside Wikitools Interface
  • M (when hovering on an item) - adds the item to the entity you have copied; useful in situations where you do not want to acquire an armor set in-game (Use Shift+M to wear a skull/block as a helmet)
  • N - copies the NBT data of an entity
  • K - opens Wikitools Interface for entity rendering (Entity rendering may not function correctly with the Patcher Mod.) (In addition, if you see extra Optifine features like the Christmas hat, turn off Optifine.)
  • If you wish to get skin ID of an NPC, please see #Cowlection

Wikitools Interface Context Buttons Wikitools render context button.png

  • First button: Copies yourself into the interface
  • Second button: Renders the texture image of the copied skin
  • Third button: Renders a 64x64 sprite image
  • Fourth button: Renders the skin image
  • Additionally, the interface provides a lot of additional settings for the final render

To take renders for this wiki:

  • Ensure use of the correct width arms (toggle "Small Arms" if needed, WikiTools doesn't always load the size correctly)
  • For armor sets, please use wide arms and "Set to Steve"
  • Do not use armor stands

UI/Item Data

  • X - copies tooltip of that item you are hovering over, formatted for Tooltips Data
  • C - copies UI of an opened menu with default Blank slots formatted for {{UI}} (Shift+C to copy UIs with default Empty slots)
  • N - copies the NBT data of an item you are hovering over*
  • Z - copies the texture ID of a head*

**Both types are supported by Head render thingy

SkyBlock Addons

Note: This tool can be used interchangeably with Wikitools.

SkyBlock Addons (Direct DownloadWebsite) - A popular SkyBlock mod that has the function to copy NBT data.

  • Use the command /sba dev to enter developer mode
  • Hover over an item and hit Right Control to copy its NBT Data

Skin, Skin ID, Entity and Armor Set Renderer

Wikitools (∈ Skin Render)

Item Commands

Item Command Generator (JSFiddle) - A script that converts NBT data into Minecraft commands.

  • Copy the NBT Data (Wikitools) or NBT Data (SkyBlock Addons) from the Auction House, or from any inventory slot you can find it
  • Plug each NBT data into the script and generate the commands
  • On a vanilla world with cheats enabled, execute each generated command to give yourself such items
  • Use Wikitools to render the armor set

Skin Render with Blender

Note: This method is depreciated. Please use Wikitools.

This method uses Blender to render a skin. To render a skin you first need to acquire the skin file, and then replace is as the input image in the blender file. The downloadable Blender Toolkit files require Blender to open. All skin renders with Blender should make use of Blender Toolkit for consistency.

Download Blender Toolkit Files


Cowlection Mod - A SkyBlock enhancement mod made by Cowtipper that allows copying of information of an entity, including the Skin ID.

  • When looking at the target NPC or mob, type /moo waila
  • The information, including the Skin ID, is then copied to clipboard

Entity Spawning

Under Construction Icon.png This section is being developed by Scoutskylar. You are welcome to assist in its development by editing it.

If this section has not been edited in several days, feel free to remove this template.

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Entity Spawning - Spawn an entity in your own world and capture it with the #Mineshot Mod

  • Download Green Screen Texturepack and use it. Sea lanterns will be solid green
  • Use the #Mineshot Mod and enter a world in creative mode
  • Create a floor of solid green
  • Start flying so you won't fall when you teleport up
  • Run /summon CaveSpider ~ ~2 ~ {NoAI:1,NoGravity:1,Riding:{id:Spider,NoAI:1}} (Note: It needs to be at least 2 blocks or so above the ground to prevent the shadow)
  • Run /tp ~ ~2 ~
  • Enter isometric view with 5
  • Zoom in with +
  • Take screenshot with F9 (Note: The default facing direction for summoned mobs and the default angle for Mineshot make it so that the angle doesn't need adjusted)
  • Remove background with paint.net (Note: The different sides of the green block can end up in different colors)
Spawning a complex entity

You can use the Sea Emperor as a reference:

/summon Skeleton ~ ~3 ~ {NoAI:1,Equipment:[{id:bow},{id:leather_boots,tag:{display:{color:11546150}}},{id:leather_leggings,tag:{display:{color:11546150}}},{id:leather_chestplate,tag:{display:{color:11546150}}},{id:skull,Damage:3,Count:1b,tag:{SkullOwner:{Id:"8d9a70ad-6bff-4577-a8e5-732a8a8a9077",Properties:{textures:[{Value:"eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvMDQ0YjY1M2JiYjcyN2I1Yzg2NWE4ZWZjNzUwOTJhZmU5MzllMmMzZTY4NjEzZGI5YWJhZTRmMWI2NGY5OWY4In19fQ=="}]}}}}],Riding:{id:Guardian,NoAI:1}}

Minecraft Folder

Note: This method is depreciated. Please use Wikitools.

Minecraft Folder - A more complicated way to obtain textures of items or entities, that requires no mods or tools.

Maddox the Slayer.png
  • Clearance: Go to your <.minecraft directory>/assets folder and delete the "skins" folder inside of it
  • Preparation: Open Minecraft, go to the loading zone right before the item you want. Re-delete the skins folder to minimize the number of unwanted items
  • Load the Entity: Load the item, then log out right away to prevent getting extra skins; You should now have a bunch of files in your skins folder
  • Search for the File: Append the ".png" file extension to each file to view them (a mass file rename tool can be useful); Find the one you want

NPC Skin Download

Mat Does Dev: NPC Skin Stealer (WebsiteMain Page) - A database of all SkyBlock NPCs.

  • Search for the NPC you want and click on it
  • Download and use the NPC skin

Item and Block Renderer

BlockRenderer Mod

BlockRenderer 0.3.3 (Direct DownloadCurseforge) - A mod that allows quick rendering of any item, block and head.

Please note that enchanted items shall be handled differently.

  • ` - generates a 512x512px render of the item you are hovering over
  • Shift+` - renders in smaller resolution
  • Control+` - renders all the resources of the mod that the item belongs to
  • Renders are stored in <.minecraft directory>/renders or <.minecraft directory>/Versions/<Your Version>/renders

Enchanted Item Versions

Since screenshots end up with an inconsistent item glint, enchantment glint is applied to a render of the unenchanted form with an image editing software. To begin, you should download either Photoshop or GIMP as your image editing software, and one of the Glint Toolkit ZIP.

Download Glint Toolkit ZIP Files
Enchanted Obsidian.png
  • Get Source: Take an unenchanted render with BlockRenderer, or a high-detailed render from Minecraft wiki or from Minecraft texture files.
  • Resize Image: Resize an item render to either 150px or 512px. Resize a block render to either 300px or 512px.
  • Launch Software: Open the corresponding PSD or XCF file from the Glint Toolkit. (Note that items and blocks uses different files. Notice the prefix Ench_Item and Block)
  • Apply Glint: Paste the source image into the software as a layer and remove the existing block/item used for demo. (Note: With Photoshop, make sure the glint layer(s) are clipped down to the layer of the block or item. Click here for a video tutorial.)
  • Generate Image: Export the result in PNG format.

Note: When trying to render blocks with irregular shapes, like for example stairs, the file has to be modified to accommodate its shape.

Colored Leather Armor

Wise Dragon Chestplate.png

Colored Armor Generator (WebsiteGitHubDecToHex Tool) - An online tool used to make images of leather armor with a specific color. Requires no assets.

Note: This tool can be used interchangeably with Colored Armor Generator. Minecraft Armor Color Generator (WebsiteDecToHex Tool) - A website used to generate Minecraft commands for leather armor with a specific color, which can be used in a vanilla world with cheats enabled. Requires no assets.

Heads, Sprites and Texture IDs

BlockRenderer Mod (∈ Head Render)

Wikitools (∈ Sprite Render)

Head Renderer

Note: This tool can be used interchangeably with BlockRenderer.

Head Render Thingy 4.0 (WebsiteGitHub) - A website used to render custom heads and sprites, and obtain the texture ID of the head render.

Types of Accepted Input
Player Head.png
  • Head/Skin file
  • NBT Data (Wikitools) or NBT Data (SkyBlock Addons)
  • Head Command from a NameMC skin page (Note: NOT a player page!)
  • A known texture ID

Sprite Renderer

Note: This tool can be used interchangeably with Wikitools and Head Renderer.

Bulvar Sprite.png

NPC Sprite Maker (JSFiddle) - Makes a 64x64 sprite image of an NPC's face from a skin file.

Sprite Upscaler (JSFiddle) - Turns any-sized sprite into a 64x64px version. (Note: It is only used for transforming the old mob/npc sprites from 16x16 to 64x64 images.)

Profile Skull Grab

Sky Lea Moe (Website) - A searcher for items carried by players. If an item cannot be obtained or viewed in an in-game menu, but is also owned by a player with API turned on, this method can be suitable.

  • Search for a specific player on a specific profile that has the item
  • To get the tooltip, simply click on an item
  • To get a render of a player head: (Note: This method can only apply to player heads)
    1. Right click on the player head and click "Inspect (Element)"
    2. The selected element should be of <div class="piece-hover-area"...
    3. Look for the NEXT ONE OR TWO element. If it is of usable form, take the TEXTURE ID and render it with Head Renderer
    4. If it is of other forms, unfortunately the item cannot be rendered

<div class="piece-icon..." style="background-image: url("/head/LOTS OF NUMBER AND LETTERS (TEXTURE ID)")"...
<div class="piece-icon..." style="background-image: url("/resourcepack/...
<div class="piece-icon..." style="background-image: url("data:image/png;base64,...

  • Please note that, because of the texture and glint changes, the images on the site should never be directly downloaded and used


Note: This method is depreciated. Please use Head Renderer.

Base64decode (Website) - Decodes a Base64 encoded string such as a Texture Value.

  • First, obtain NBT Data (Wikitools) or NBT Data (SkyBlock Addons). Here an example NBT Data:

{... { "textures": [{ "Value": "eyJ0aW1lc3RhbXAiOjE1MjM1MzYyNDI5NDMsInByb2ZpbGVJZCI6IjQxZDNhYmMyZDc0OTQwMGM5MDkwZDU0MzRkMDM4MzFiIiwicHJvZmlsZU5hbWUiOiJNZWdha2xvb24iLCJzaWduYXR1cmVSZXF1aXJlZCI6dHJ1ZSwidGV4dHVyZXMiOnsiU0tJTiI6eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwOi8vdGV4dHVyZXMubWluZWNyYWZ0Lm5ldC90ZXh0dXJlLzU3NTFiMmMzMTFhY2Q0OGUwNmY3MTUwOGM2ODczNWZlOWYzYTRmNGQ3NWI5ZWYxYTI0ZmExMzMzZDc3In19fQ==" }] }, ...}

  • Putting the "Value" bit without the equal signs into the website, we can decode it as:


  • Thus, the URL can be found, along with the texture ID:

Texture Id: 5751b2c311acd48e06f71508c68735fe9f3a4f4d75b9ef1a24fa1333d77

Isometric Screenshots

Mushroom Desert.png

Mineshot Mod

Mineshot v1.7-1.8.9 (Direct DownloadWebsite) - A mod used to take isometric and screenshots of high-resolution in a single-player world.

Please note that this tool cannot be used on servers: The world has to be first downloaded using World Downloader.

  • Numpad 5 - toggles the isometric view
  • Shift+F9 ( Shift+Fn+F9 on macOS) - allows you to customize your screenshot
  • Ctrl+Numpad 6 or Ctrl+Numpad 4 - allows to rotate the screenshot (WARNING! Not holding the Ctrl key will result in a non-isometric screenshot, which, in most cases, will have to be remade.)
  • F9 (Fn+F9 on MacOS) - renders a screenshot (Note: This action may freeze your game depending on the size of the render and your machine's computing power)
During the Render
  • Make sure all GUI elements are hidden, by pressing F1
  • The image has to be later post-processed to perform tasks such as removing the background (Note: While in most cases it is necessary, sometimes no post-processing is needed.)
  • Make sure the file is a PNG

World Downloader Mod

Wdl 1.8.9 download.png

World Downloader (Download (Choose Version)GitHub) - A mod used to download a multiplayer server world.

Liteloader (Optional) (Download (Choose Version)GitHub)

  • World Downloader 4.0.x series can support 1.9-1.16.4, while the 3.0.x series can support 1.7.10-1.11. If you intend to use 1.8.9, please expand the section as shown in the image.
  • You may use the Base edit version (best used with MultiMC, see instructions) or the Liteloader version of this mod. Follow the instructions on Installation Instructions
  • For mod usage, please read How to use World Downloader

Data Acquisition


Note: This tool is is actively maintained at the moment.

HyblockRngAnalyzer (Download LinkGitHub) - A mod that lets you collect drop chances in Hypixel SkyBlock. The tool is useful for recording and analyzing data from different aspect of the game, to estimate the drop/loot chances.

  • Get the Dungeon Chest contents and write them to a file in the config folder
  • Get the Treasure and Loot Chest contents and write them to two file in the config folder
  • Get the Crystal Nucleus Loot contents and write them to a file in the config folder
  • Get Jerry Box Loot contents grouped by box type and write them to four files in the config folder
  • /csv command to create more readable csv files from the database txt files

Text Parsers and Command Line

Book and Quill.png
Enchanted Book.png

UI Parsers

Note: This tool can be used interchangeably with Wikitools.

UI Multi-parser and Generator (JSFiddle) - Generates the {{Slot}} part for Shop UIs.


  • Copy the NBT of the item, paste it into the input box
  • Use the option you prefer to generate
  • Copy the output to destination and fill in the PLACEHOLDER fields such as NAME and ID

Item Commands

Colored Leather Armor

1.8.9 Command Line Helper

MCStacker Command Generator (Website) - Generates other useful commands for vanilla Minecraft worlds with cheats enabled.




Formatting (MediaWiki Article) - Instructions on formatting text with wiki markup. Magic Words (MediaWiki Article) - List of magic words that helps editing in source mode.

NEU Repo

Not Enough Updates (NEU) Repository (GitHub) - As NEU has a larger team of testers, patrons and players with substantial amounts of in-game coins, their data gathering is usually more efficient than Wiki Editors. It is therefore useful to reference and use data from the NEU Repo. See also:

Note that minions are referenced as items named as <minion name>_GENERATOR_<tier>.json

Leaked Textures

Megakloon's profile on namemc.com (NameMC) - Hypixel Admin Minikloon sometimes wear new skins created for SkyBlock. This is where you can see the skins Minikloon used.