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This is a list of external tools that can be used for wiki-related content.


Obtaining a player/head skin

Not all methods require a tool but knowing how to get a skin file is important for some tools below.

  • SkyBlock Addons / NBT data (player head items only) - while there are various ways to get NBT data, the recommended method is using the Skyblock Addon mod. Once you are running the mod and logged into SkyBlock, use the command /sba dev to enable dev mode, then hover over the item and hit right control to copy it to the clipboard. Inside the data is an encoded string; copy and paste it into This will contain an URL to the skin file.
  • Wikitools Mod / NBT data (both items and entities) - Click N while hovering over an item or facing an entity to copy its NBT data. Inside the data is an encoded string; copy and paste it into This will contain an URL to the skin file. The mod doesn't make any chat message after copying the NBT data, so be careful!
  • .minecraft folder (both) - A bit of a hassle, but requires no mods or tools. First, you'll want to go to your .minecraft/assets folder and delete the "skins" folder inside of it (keep this folder open). Next, you'll want to open Minecraft, go to the loading zone right -before- the item you want, re-delete the skins folder (the fewer items in it the better), get the item's skin file to load, then log out right away to prevent getting extra skins. You should now have a bunch of files in your skins folder; you will need to append the ".png" file extension to the end of these files to view them (a mass file rename tool can be useful), and then find the one you want.
  • Other sites (both) - Another way it to get the file from another site. While there are various ways, some are:
    • NPCs: (click or search the NPC you want and it will have a skin download option)
    • Player Heads: — Find someone with the item/player head you want, then right click > Inspect element on the image. You'll see an URL for the background image such as /head/[code]. Copy that code and paste it into this link[code] for the texture image!
    • Leaked Textures: Megakloon's profile on

Entity Renderer

Wikitools Mod - a mod made by one of the old wiki editors, MichaelPriebe. It lets you render any entity (mob, player, NPC, anything) with a single click of a button. It is not finished, but it does a great job at making renders, and doesn't have to look pretty, does it? It also lets you copy the NBT data of any item or entity (it doesn't make any chat message, so be careful!). Instructions, as well as source code can be found on GitHub.

Skin Renderer

Note: Entity Renderer should be used instead. The downloadable files listed require Blender to open. To render a skin you first need to acquire the skin file, and then replace is as the input image in the blender file. All skin renders should try to use this method for consistency.

Head Renderer

Head Render Thingy - an online tool used to render custom heads; you must first acquire the skin file.

Colored Leather Armor Icons

Leather Armor Coloring - an online tool used to make images of leather armor with a specific color. Requires no assets.

Enchanted item versions

Since screenshots end up with an inconsistent item glint, we take the high-detailed renders from the minecraft wiki and run them through a photoshop file to apply the glint.

Isometric screenshots

Mineshot - a minecraft mod used to take isometric and high-res screenshots. Instructions are in the link, file download is below. Don't download the file from the website.

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