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This Page is generally accepted by the community as a policy for the Wiki. Changes should reflect consensus or be approved by the Staff Team.
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RevisionDelete (also known as RevDel or RevDelete) is a feature that allows Administrators and Content Moderators to remove individual entries in a page history or log from public view.[1] This tool needs to be used with caution. Its usage must comply with the requirements below.

Criteria for RevisionDelete[]

Revdel must only be used if:

  1. Blatant violations of the Copyright policy that can be redacted without removing attribution to non-infringing contributors. If redacting a revision would remove any contributor's attribution, this criterion cannot be used.
  2. Grossly insulting, degrading, or offensive material that has little to no project value. This includes slurs, smears, and grossly offensive material of little or no encyclopedic value, but not mere factual statements, and not "ordinary" incivility, personal attacks or conduct accusations. The key here is that it has to be very severe.
  3. Removal of non-public personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, or IPs.
  4. Removal of potentially libellous information when the case is clear.
  5. After a vote from the Staff Team finds that a revision needs to be deleted.

Misuse of RevisionDelete[]

Since there are potential legal concerns regarding revision deletion[Source needed], if this tool is misused, the staff member responsible may have the appropriate rights removed.

Procedure for RevisionDelete[]

  1. Delete the page in question
  2. Press "View/Restore" on the deletion log
  3. When you see "To restore selected revisions, go here," click it.
  4. Scroll down and select all the revisions that you would like to remove
  5. Go up, and click "Invert selection"
  6. Fill in a reason. Person performing a revision delete MUST fill in a reason for such action
  7. Press "Restore"
  8. Check revision history to make sure that it is done properly


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