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Site-logo.png This wiki is not run or managed by Hypixel staff, and as such, being a staff member on the wiki is in no way connected to being a staff member in-game or on the forums.
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The following page consists of the Staff Members of the Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki. They are responsible for keeping the wiki in running order. All staff members have extended user rights, which allows them to perform staff tasks like blocking users and deleting pages. They are not considered above normal users and can be held just as accountable for an action as a normal user.

All staff members have the following duties and permissions:

  • Verbally warn other users
  • Edit userpages of other users
  • Exempt from certain Abuse Filters
  • Be marked as wiki staff on userpages

Depending on their roles, staff members may have:

  • Access to chatrooms for staff on the Wiki Discord
  • Access to various staff tools
  • Permission to edit pages that are restricted at the highest level
  • Permission to use Staff-only Templates

For extended information about user rights for each staff role, please visit the Full Introductions.

There are currently 43 staff1 Bureaucrats, 5 Administrators, 7 Code Editors, 10 Content Moderators, 13 Discussions Moderators, and 21 Rollbacks. There are 8 Bots.

Contact Us

If you would to speak with us, you may use our discord, or one of our Message Walls.

  • For general communications, using our wiki discord or one of our Administrator's local or Community Central Walls is preferred.
  • For private/sensitive communications, direct messaging one of our staff members via discord.


Requests to be staff may be posted on the request talk page to apply for staff. You may apply at any time, but keep in mind that your request will be rejected if you do not satisfy the requirements. Please read all the requirements for the rank you are applying for before submitting a request. An Administrator or Bureaucrat may grant you rights if they believe you satisfy the requirements.

Request for meetings

This wiki is mainly operated by Administrators and Bureaucrats, with technical matters dealt with by Code Editors. If you would like to set up a discussion with the management, please ask one of them in the Discord to meet. Note that we will only be accepting fairly important matters as the team can be busy with the wiki.

List of Staff Members

You are welcome to ask assistance of any of the staff members on most matters on the wiki. For further information on contacting us, please see Staff Assistance


Role Powers: Help:User Access Levels § Bureaucrats
Role Introduction: HSW:Requests to be staff § Bureaucrats



Role Powers: Help:User Access Levels § Administrators
Role Introduction: HSW:Requests to be staff § Administrators


Code Editors

Role Powers: Code Editors § Rights
Role Introduction: HSW:Requests to be staff § Code Editors


Content Moderators

Role Powers: Help:User Access Levels § Content Moderators
Role Introduction: HSW:Requests to be staff § Content Moderators


Discussions Moderators

Role Powers: Help:User Access Levels § Discussions Moderators
Role Introduction: HSW:Requests to be staff § Discussions Moderators



Powers: Help:User Access Levels § Rollbacks
Role Introduction: HSW:Requests to be staff § Rollbacks



Powers: Help:User Access Levels § Bots


Note: This is a special rank only given to bot-only accounts (never a user's main account)

Bot Operator
ColdShepBot ColdShep (wall CC Wall contribs)
EejitbutBot Eejit43 (wall CC Wall contribs)
FewBot Fewfre (wall CC Wall contribs)
GloriousBot GloriousCraft (wall CC Wall contribs)
JokerBot Joker876 (wall CC Wall contribs)
ASMCHK MonkeysHK (wall CC Wall contribs)
PackBot9000 Pa3ckP7 (wall CC Wall contribs)
WooperIsBot WooperIsBest (wall CC Wall contribs)

Wiki Managers/Wiki Repersentative

Main Article: Help:Wiki Managers

Wiki Managers/Wiki Representatives are a group of global staff members who's duty is to see that the wikis they oversee are growing and are in good shape. They are in direct contact with Fandom staff, and act as a liaison between Wiki staff and Fandom staff.

Current Wiki Manager

Former Wiki Managers

General Expectations

Wiki staff members are considered trusted and are expected to behave in a mature and kind way to other users. They have the right to warn other users, and any ranks below them (See the list for rank order). They are also exempt from most abuse filters for trust and technical reasons. They also may edit other's userpages in accordance with the userpage editing policy. If any wiki staff member is suspected of abusing their user rights, those rights will be revoked once a consensus is found. They may also be blocked in accordance with the blocking policy.

Rank Order

The following staff ranks are in this order as follows:

A higher rank staff may remove the privileges of lower rank staff members if they have the ability to do so. Bureaucrats and administrators may demote a staff when they see them as unfit for their position due to inactivity, bad behaviour or other reasons.


If a Staff member is inactive, They may have their rights removed after an extended period of silence for security reasons. However, they are still considered trusted and still hold the same weights in votes and RfCs and may reclaim their rights (Administrators are excluded from reclaiming rights without a request for approval) at any time when they return. Inactive usually means more than 6 weeks of not preforming an action with their tools

  • If an Administrator is inactive, they will be demoted to a Content Moderator, and if they are inactive further, they will have their rights stripped completely. They will have to gain the approval of other administrators if they return.
  • February 1st is the Staff Review Day. On that day, staff members are pruned. Users who have not performed an action in more than 90 days will receive a note of revocation of rights and instructions for re-application for their rights.
  • A staff member who is inactive will lose their voting weight associated with their rank in discussions (such as being excluded from votes for new Administrators), but will retain their seniority among the community.


A staff member at any time or reason, is entitled to resign whenever they feel fit as long as they provide a reason why they are leaving. They may ask a Bureaucrat to remove their rights and rank notices from them.

  • If the staff member in good standing chooses to return, they may ask to have their rights restored at any time unless they are a Administrator or higher.


If a staff member so chooses, they may at any time go on break for any amount of time or indefinitely or until further notice. All that is required when going on break is a simple notice of the length so the team can accommodate for the user's absence.

Confidential Information

In the wiki discord, sometimes confidential topics are discussed. It is required that you do not leak any information relating to matters in the discord without consent from 3 moderators or an Administrator. This is because we discuss wiki matters and sometimes discussions about serious incidents with confidential information may occur.

Former Staff

Massive thanks to all users below, we could not be what we are today without them! Let their names and contributions to this wiki be remembered fondly!

These users are not to be messaged at any time, as they do not want to be disturbed. Doing so will risk a block.

Current Administration

Administrative Period: 12 Sep 2019 to current.
Count: 45.

Past Administration

Administrative Period: 12 Jun 2019 to 11 Sep 2019.
Count: 3.