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This page intends to describe some aspect(s) of Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki's norms, customs, technicalities, or practices. It may reflect varying levels of consensus and vetting.

> See All Staff Members

To contact a staff member, please use their Message Wall. This is usually the fastest way to get assistance with any problems you might have. It is recommended to read the general guidelines before you ask for assistance.

Contact Methods[]

You may contact any staff member via their Message Wall provided that you need their attention. Alternatively, if you need an Admin's response, please use Administrator's Noticeboard. A staff's availability may be shown on their user page and on the Staff Page. To get help in a fast pace, please find staff members that is more available, and redirect your message to another staff member if you did not receive a response in one day.

It is also recommended to message online staff members via Discord to get quicker responses:

  1. Join our Discord Server with the link below
  2. Go to a suitable channel, usually 💬wiki or 💻technical
  3. Send your message. Staff members that come across your message will provide help

You are allowed to ping a staff member with the ping-friendly role. However, please refrain from pinging any staff roles or @everyone or over-pinging a staff member unless for urgent matters.

Please be reminded that this is a Wiki Discord. If you wish to join a game discord, please look for other servers.

General Guidelines[]

Different members of the staff team specialise on different things. For your best experience, it is recommended to find the suitable person for regarding your matter.

  • Contact any active Rollbacks for help with undoing multiple consecutive edits.
  • Contact a Discussions Moderator to delete a comment or discussion post. If the moderator finds it necessary, they may report it to an Administrator to block the offending user.
  • Contact Content Moderators if you have accidentally made a page that you feel is unnecessary or have discovered one made by another user. Empty pages also qualify to be deleted.

As users with higher ranks are very busy, they should only be contacted for very important matters.