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A wiki page is a stream of text that is elegantly organized.

Welcome! If you are looking to create or edit a wiki page, we strongly recommend you to refer to this guideline. This guideline will go through the standard page layouts and common practices.

Consistent formatting is beneficial for both writers/editors and readers. For readers, they will know where to look for specific information they need. For editors, they will be able to better structure their pages and the content within the pages.

General Rules

We strongly recommend reading Project:Style Manual to get an understanding of most general rules on wordings and wiki content.

Page Creation

Before creating a page, make sure there is not a duplicate with a similar name. For example, before creating the page "Notch Apple", make sure that the page "Enchanted Golden Apple" does not already exist.


Page names should use the singular form of the word, and use title case. For example, "Oak Wood Planks" or "Aspect of the Jerry".

Standard Article Layout

Standard Article Layout (SAL) is the pre-defined section layouts that every editors should follow. We stress that the section placements should remain flexible, where we allow adding other section and changing section layouts to fit the actual page. But then, please follow the general layout to keep consistency.

A gross view of all article parts:

  • Pre-article Items (Hatnotes, Message Boxes, Infobox)
  • Introductory Paragraph
  • Article Sections
    • Major Sections
    • Supplimentary Sections
  • Post-article Items (Navboxes, Categories)

Pre-Article Items

Before the article, the following should be added to the page if necessary:

Introductory Paragraph

A description of what the item or concept is, a basic summary of the article subject. Usually no longer than 5 sentences. The first instance, and only the first instance, of the article's title or subject should be in bold. Eg: The Oak Wood Plank is a Vanilla block that is commonly used in crafting recipes.

The description should contain:

  • Links to other items mentioned
  • A short explanation of what it does
  • For collection pages: State the Collection and level. {{CollectionLink}} template should be used. Format: The Enchanted Diamond recipe can be unlocked in the Diamond V collection.
  • If applicable, the subject's pronunciation and/or plural form. Eg: "The Voidgloom Seraph (/ˈsɛrəf/, "the burning one"; plural Seraphim /ˈsɛrəfɪm/) ...
  • If applicable, a quote about the item at the top.
  • Capitalization of any wiki specific items (When linking pages, the link IS case sensitive. Following this format makes it much easier to do so.)


Article Sections

Main sections of the page opens with the H2 header == Section Title ==. Major Sections are usually page-type specific, while Supplimentary Sections are usually common across page types.

Section Descriptions

This is a list of mostly-seen sections and their description. They are placed in order. Sections can be omitted if they have no content or are not applicable. If the page section fits the description below, please use the section title and follow this order. Else, a custom section title can be inserted anywhere in the Main Section.

Section Name Section Usage Type Description
Main Sections
Mechanics Stat Page
Game Mechanic Page
Contains introduction to the basic mechanics of it.
Functions Location Page Contains introduction to functions of it.
Location Location Page Contains information about where the sublocation is located, or its sublocations.
Tasks Location Page Contains the tasks for the zone, included the ones shown on the tasks. Format is as follows:
This text is shown when a player enters {{Zone|<location name>}} for the first time.
* List...
These are the additional tasks:
* List...
Spawning Mob Page About how a mob is spawned.
  • Write detailed spawn conditions for the mob
  • Page example: Zealot
Variants Mob Page Contains variants of the mob.
Ideal Layout Minion Page Contains the ideal layout of a minion. Uses {{Minion ideal layout}}
Upgrades Weapon Page
Minion Page
Contains the upgrade available.
Drops Mob Page
Minion Page
Contains the drops.
Stats Pet Page
Sword Page
Bow Page
Fishing Rod Page
Minion Page
Contains detailed in-game statistics of the item.
Obtaining Item Page About how an item is obtained, crafted or found.
  • "Crafting" and "Time to Obtain Using a Minion" should be subsections of Obtaining
  • Appropriate pictures can also be added here
  • It is helpful to also add the sources of the items used
  • Page example: Flower of Truth
Collection Item Page If an item is a Collection item, use the collection UI and {{CollectionTable}} to show all collection tiers, rewards and requirements.
Usage Item Page
Stat Page
Game Mechanic Page
Contains a detailed description of how it is used and what it can do. May include formulae, specific interactions, etc. Page example: Ice Spray Wand
Kat Caretaking Cost Pet Page Contains detailed Kat Caretaking Cost breakdown. Uses {{Kat Cost table}}
Essence Crafting Dungeon Item Page Contains the essence crafting cost breakdown. Uses {{Essence Crafting}}
Top Quality Stats Dungeon Item Page Contains the top quality stat for each Dungeon Floor. Uses {{Tqs}}
Behavior Mob Page Contains a detailed description of mob behavior, such as its aggressiveness, damage dealt and special abilities. Page example: Revenant Horror#Behavior
Profits Minion Page Contains the profit table of a minion. Uses {{MinionProfitTable}}
Recipe Gallery Minion Page Contains all recipes to craft each tier of a minion. Uses {{Minion recipe gallery}}
Interface NPC Page Contains the interface (Game UI).
Dialogue NPC Page Contains the dialogue text of an NPC.
Chat Messages Event Page Contains the game message given for an event.
Supplimentary Sections
Gallery/Map/Videos All Page Types Contains photos and sometimes videos that don't fit in anywhere else.
Tips All Page Types Contains the most important and objective tips
Notes All Page Types Contains additional information that do not fit anywhere else
Trivia All Page Types Contains all of the miscellaneous facts about the article subject in a bulleted list.
  • Things which are useful to know or consider fit here
  • Still should not contain in-game advice, tutorials, opinions and tips. Eg: Yes.svg Using this item with [enchantment] and [set bonus] gives a high [stat] boost No.svg Don't use this weapon, use [other weapon] it's much better and cheaper (This is an opinion and should go on Tutorials)
History All Page Types Contains a log of any changes made to the subject since and including its release. See {{History}} template for how to setup.
References All Page Types If any <ref></ref> is used anywhere in the article, place this section. This section should contain only one line: <references />.

Page-type Specific Layouts

These are a reference to layouts for each page type. Note that you may add custom sections in between any main sections.

Sword/Bow/Fishing Rod Page
Essence Crafting
Top Quality Stats
All Supplimentary Sections
Mob Page
All Supplimentary Sections
Armor Page
Minion Page
Location Page
Event Page
NPC Page
Pet Page
Tool Page
Stat Page
Game Mechanic Page

Post-article Items

These can be placed after the article if necessary:

Other Formatting Rules

The following section covers other miscellaneous formatting guidelines.

Grammar Rules

Although there are people from across the world viewing and editing this wiki, it is useful to default to one set of grammar rules. The Hypixel SkyBlock wiki defaults to USA grammar.

Here is a list of useful grammar and style rules:

  • Articles should not be written from a first- or second-person perspective.
    • eg: "You can access collections" should be phrased as "Collections can be accessed" (preferred) or "The player can access collections".
  • Avoid using unnecessary adverbs such as "Note that...", "Strangely...", "Bizarrely..." when writing.
  • Punctuation marks should ALWAYS go outside of Parentheses (or brackets).
  • Punctuation marks should ALWAYS go outside of Quotation Marks unless there is more than one sentence in between them. (For example: "But I don't want to follow these rules! It just isn't fair". said Bobby)
  • American spelling should be used in favor of British spelling (eg: "color" instead of "colour")
  • Do not start sentences with conjunctions (And, But, etc.).
  • Use pronouns as much as possible to avoid repetition, as long as it does not lead to ambiguity.
  • Always use oxford commas. For example, write "I have a Pumpkin, Melon, and a Carrot" instead of "I have a Pumpkin, Melon and a Carrot". It is not always necessary, but it helps prevent unintentional grammar mistakes when it is.


  • Capitalize all important letters in headings and wiki specific items. For example, capitalize "Apple" so that links are easier to make.
  • Try to have the same heading titles in each page, so that readers know what to expect.
  • Avoid linking to a wiki article repeatedly. For example, don't have "Apple" twice in the page.
  • Please use non-biased language in all articles. People come to this wiki for facts. If you would like to put a suggestion, do so in the linked Tutorials page.
  • Sometimes there are required sections that aren't listed here. Feel free to add them, but try to stick to convention as much as possible.


  • Use the item's EXACT in-game name. For example, use Ender Chest instead of Enderchest, and End Stone instead of Endstone.
  • Common mistakes with words:
    • "Minable" should be written instead of "Mine-able".
    • "Collection" should be capitalized when referring to Collections in-game.
  • Do not put periods in headings.

Page-Specific Layout Rules

More detailed page-specific layout rules for some page types can be found on:

Thank you for taking the time to read through this article! It really helps keep the wiki more organized when people follow this page structure.