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This Page is generally accepted by the community as a policy for the Wiki. Changes should reflect consensus or be approved by the Staff Team.
If you disagree with this Policy, please discuss it with the Staff Team or on its talk page.
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Follow the tips in this Style Manual to help keep the Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki consistent and easy to read. In addition, Wikipedia's Manual of Style is a great resource for fundamental editing tips and rules. The style guide may be used to adjudicate disagreements between users over editing style.


While we generally try to follow Wikipedia's manual of style, below is a list of some specific policies we value:

  • WP:PRONOUN - Articles should not be written from a first- or second-person perspective.
    • Eg: You can access collections should be phrased as Collections can be accessed (preferred) or The player can access collections.
  • No biased opinions. All in-game advice, tutorials, opinions and tips should be reserved for Tutorials.

Game Name

The official name of the game is "Hypixel SkyBlock" with the "B" capitalized, and as such the wiki uses this spelling.


Poll of player's Minecraft version

Assets should be from the 1.8.9 version of Minecraft, as it is the most commonly used Minecraft version for Hypixel SkyBlock players, according to the poll created on December 12, 2019.


Likewise, images should be taken as a default player would; in the 1.8 versions, with no shaders or resource packs. More detailed guidelines for images/screencaps and render resources:


Various choices below are chosen due to Hypixel being a Canadian company. For more specifics, see Project:Standard Page Formatting.

  • Dates: use Canadian / American formatting (MM.DD.YYYY - ex: January 1st, 1972)
  • Decimal separator - This wiki again uses Canadian / American formatting (so the number "ten-thousand and 5 and one-tenth" would be written as "10,005.1"
  • Canadian / American spelling should be used (ex: defense, not defence)
  • NPCs should be referred to with the appropriate pronouns.
    • Male NPCs should be written about using male pronouns (eg: He can drop Corleonite).
    • Female NPCs should be written about using female pronouns (eg: She starts the Fishing Festival).
    • NPCs with no apparent gender and gender neutral or non-binary NPCs should be written about using neutral (epicene) pronouns (eg: They wield the Flower of Truth).
    • Non-human mobs should be written about using inanimate pronouns (eg: It can drop the Overflux Capacitor).
    • The player should always be referred to using neutral (epicene) pronouns (eg: They must reach Stone Sword.png Combat 25 to enter).

Page Layout

All pages should follow certain design and layout patterns to keep the Wiki consistent. You are highly recommended to refer to Standard Page Formatting for page layout.