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< Style Manual

Before anything else, notice templates should be placed. Some of those are: {{Stub}}, {{Vanilla}}, or {{Historical article}}.

The main purpose of this manual is to make a general outlines on major game features.

Before any sections, a general overview of the feature should be established. It should cover what the feature provides and any other important information about the feature.

Sections[edit source]

Following the introduction, any sections below should be dedicated to describing the feature in depth, such as describing the gameplay of the feature, or what a player can expect from there.

Tips[edit source]

Any tips relating to the article should be placed in a bullet list after all detail sections in the article.

Trivia[edit source]

Like Tips, this section should be a bullet list.

Gallery[edit source]

If a gallery is to be placed in the article, it goes after the Tips and Trivia section. Use <gallery> tags to create one.

Notes/References[edit source]

Any notes or external references go in this section. Use <references /> to create a list of references/notes used in the article.

History[edit source]

This section should use the {{History}} Template to list any changes to the feature.

Navboxes[edit source]

After all sections in the article, any navboxes relating to the article go here.

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