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To keep images on the Wiki consistent, please refer to this style manual before posting or applying changes to an image. If something isn't mentioned here, refer to the Wikipedia's Manual of Style/Images.

In-game screenshots/screencaps

Screenshots and screencaps should be relevant to the topic of the page. The quality of these screenshots and screencaps should be taken at the best quality available.

When deciding which resolution to use, remember that thumbnails in an article are 300px in width at most, and the lightbox used to enlarge images are 1,000px at most in width on desktop.

Avoid using external software, modifications that will change the way the game would look in a default and vanilla configuration of Minecraft. These include:

  • An FOV other than 70
  • Shaderspacks
  • Resourcepacks
  • Post-processing in an image-based editor
    • Applying an image filter
    • Add vignette
    • Adding watermarks

Avoid upscaling or resizing images in post-processing. Minecraft doesn't support anti-aliasing, and in most traditional image-based editors, upscaling and downsizing will most likely change the way it will look and apply anti-aliasing to a degree that's not true to the game.

Minor adjustments that improve the visibility or pull more focus onto the subject without compromising the default and vanilla look of Minecraft are allowed. This includes cropping, removing compression artifacts, removing borders.


How to get textures

Vanilla items/blocks

A grass block

Most vanilla textures are available on the Official Minecraft Wiki. If you're reuploading images from there, remember to properly include the correct license and attribution.

To access game textures, find the .jar file of whichever Minecraft version you prefer, then convert it into .zip and decompress the content.


The texture of the Mana Flux Power Orb

NPCs and head items all use Minecraft skin textures.

Warning: the following methods are not endorsed or officially approved by Hypixel, use these at your own risk and stay informed of the Hypixel Allowed Modifications Guide.

Skin cache

Due to the way Minecraft works, it will store all the skin textures information in a folder as a cache as it doesn't have to reload the textures every time. This is located in your assets/skins folder.

On Windows, it is:


On macOS, it is:

~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/assets/skins

The skins will flow in as the game load the texture, so it is recommended that you sort the files as Last-Modified, to see the latest skin you see in-game.

You can delete the folder if it might become too cluttered to find the texture files. Since this is a cache folder, it is completely safe to do so.

SkyBlock API

The SkyBlock API provides all the information on an item when looking at a player's inventory, enderchest, accessory bag, etc. This information can also be retrieved from on-going auctions.

This data is a base64 gzipped file, so make sure you have the technical knowledge to decode and decompress it first.

For more information about the Hypixel SkyBlock API, visit HypixelDev - PublicAPI.


Some Minecraft mods will include the NBT tag of the item, which includes the textures information in base64. Decode it then download the texture file from the link.

There are also some modifications that will provide a world download, which should include the head item, but no NPC texture. You can open the downloaded world in Singleplayer, and use commands to extract the textures. Example: Place the head item on your feet and use /blockdata ~ ~ ~ {}, or throw the item on the ground nearby and use /entitydata @e[type=Item,r=3] {}. These commands are subject to change for different Minecraft versions.

Skyblock Addons mod allows copying the NBT data of every item. To do this, you need to:

  1. Run the command: /sba nbt
  2. Hover your mouse over the item you want to get NBT data from
  3. Press the Ctrl key

The NBT data of the item is now copied to your clipboard.


The render of the Mana Flux Power Orb

For most use cases, refer to the Minecraft Wiki: Standardized views.

There are only some important notes that you need to be aware of:

  • Head item should be 300px in width and height, with proper padding from the image borders to ensure it's properly displayed in Template:Slot and Template:Crafting Table.
  • Head item should be looking to the right, a representative of the item being in a player inventory (unlike mob heads on the Minecraft Wiki, which faces the left side).
  • Lighting on head items should be the same as in-game inventory, which is 100% top side, 67% left side, and 48% right side.
  • Do not apply anti-aliasing.
  • Transparent image background.

Wiki tools

Some renderings can also be done with community-made tools:

  • Head rendering - If you have the texture of the item, feel free to use the Head rendering tool to render the head item.
  • Armor piece icon coloring - Makes colored images of an armor piece based on a hex value. link


It is recommended that all images uploaded to the Wiki should have lossless compression.

The Official Minecraft Wiki recommends PNGOUT as it's compatible with most operating systems.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.